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  1. I've been looking at this as a potential to model myself recently. Interested to know if you ever built this? The above info on steel traffic very useful in addition to what I'd already managed to gleen.
  2. I find this site very usefull and enjoy seeing the work of other modelers. Most users are pretty cool. i any walk of life you meet the odd jerk, just ignore them. Why should it stop you doing what you enjoy?
  3. Great collection of photos Jeff, thanks for sharing.
  4. I'm not sure how old I would have been when I first passed this way by train. As already stated I've seen pictures from 82 and probably did pass this on the train a few times. I don't remember it either as I would no doubt have been looking out the other side at the quarry and those huge kilns!
  5. I would be interested to know when the signal box at Melton Ross sidings closed? & when it was demolished/removed? & also the associated crossings and semaphores when were they removed? I have found a number of images online just recently that date from 1982 with all the above still in place, but no information on when this changed.
  6. Been thinking about doing some railway paintings recently. There are some good images of the area here, was wondering if you would object to me using the odd one as a reference picture?
  7. Finally got round to finishing off the Ratio kit for this LNER Lattice Jn starter.


  8. At the time of posting today a second layer of flok has gone on the grass areas. And a start has been made on putting something growing in the fields.
  9. Yesterday the first base layer of green went on, and the thing is starting to look a bit like a landscape now.
  10. Some texture was added to the cess and field areas, which were then painted over with "earth" colour once dry.
  11. The whole thing then got a coat of "earth" colour base coat.
  12. The contours of the landscape gradualy built over the foam with polyfilla over the following week...
  13. Having gotten the ballasting and track weathering done along with cable trunking. I progressed onto carving some foam and glued into place.
  14. Yes DJB whistle comes supplied with some for attaching to the repacement bango fitting to the whistle. Never had problems with the tube it's self but conections made with little tie wraps can come off under pressure if not made tight enough. One has to handel live steam with some respect and care but the presure in a little SM32 boiler isn't that high. A pair of suitable driving gloves can be a good idea anyway if like me you drive manual not RC.
  15. Brilliant, apart from the fantastic models the tramway it's self photographs really well in the landscape. Really nice work.
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