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  1. Hello again fffrank, of course more could be given over to the sceanic areas than I have here. The cess is of more prototypical proportions but could certainly be made rather smaller without looking too wrong? The picture below may give an idea of how effective 12' can be viewed from inside/correct side. Such as you stated in your original request it's a good set up just to watch trains go by...
  2. Hi fffrank, your topic caught my interest as your proposed railway has some similaries to my own. My railway is in a loft but the space has to be used for other purposes not exclusively for my railway. I took inspiration from those shelf type railways popular in America, only mine is a landscaped version of. I just wanted a sceanic line for running my collection of BR Blue, and thats all it is. No station, yard, shed or any of the other usual suspects. The two long sides are only 12' the ends 24, but you could just do angled or curved corners. Mostly trees and telegraph poles etc are to the back so less vunerable. The two signals at the near edge are not fixed down so would knock over rather than break. I've used peco points at the crossover so this obviously sets the track spacing. This of course is wider to scale than the prototype, (but what most of us use?) if not using really big radius life like curves. The picture is an overall view which is not it's most flattering aspect, but gives an idea what the aforementioned track spacing is like on 12'.
  3. This is in a rather different context at the present with people buying out whole supermarkets of loo roll. Not something one would normaly think of as a precious commodity!
  4. The kit is pretty much finished now, balcony, steps, privy and other details added. All has been painted and then weathered with thin washes of humbrol light earth. I have glazed the model with some scrap plastic as none was supplied in the kit. I've also added barge boards to the gable end of the privy that weren't part of the kit, and made it some name boards.
  5. So by the end of the days work I have the main body as well as the window frames and doors painted and in place. The roof assembly is painted and resting but not glued. This is to allow access to the interior for glazing and any other detailing I may add in future. Just the stairs and a few other fiddley bits to go .
  6. Initially I will glaze it with some clear plastic scavenged from pacaging as the kit doesn't supply any. I had thought for the moment to fit the completed roof but not glue it, so as to allow access should I wish to detail the interior.
  7. Have started to develop the other end of the railway. Originally this was going to be and off scene area. But as the railway is only a simple double track oval running line I've decided to landscape this area also now. The area for storing trains/fiddle yard was a bit small for purpose any way, and why not maximise scenic area? There will be a junction in this part of the railway, just a small single lead type. This of course will require a signal box. I had thought to add one previously and found a kit for a great central box which was the business but it was over £100 (may up grade one day?). So recently I returned to looking for something suitable and found a kit by L Cut creative for an LNER box priced around £10, much more justifiable under current circumstances. After first assembling the main body of the box I've painted it (only first coat at the time of writing and photo) and the window frames plus other bits and bobs. This I'm thinking should be easier than trying to pick them out once assembled.
  8. Would like to add my own "Three bridges" layout to the BR Blue era layout category.
  9. The TEAs looking really good. Have used the wipe off method for weathering a few times my self, have found it most effective also. This post caught my eye as I have some TTAs that need weathering.
  10. As with many here because this is the era of my youth. At the time my idea of cool would be something like an LMS dutchess both in model and life size. But 30 / 40 yrs later a 108 or 110 is no longer so common place as to be unoticeable. The railways still had semaphore signals and signal boxes, plus many other old railway items still in use back then. It was grimey, unloved and rundown often, but had much character that is now gone.
  11. First post on RMweb. Picture of my 00 loft layout from a few months back.


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    2. Paul G

      Paul G

      I also like to play with this rather "big" trainset. Though for the time being the corona virus outbreak has put a stop to it this year.


    3. Corbs


      All three look great! Please do start a layout thread, would love to see more


    4. Paul G

      Paul G

      Hi Corbs, just gettingused to useing the site. would be good to start a layout thread once I had a chance to see how to do that.

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