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  1. I've owned a fair few Bachmann 08s and never had one that ran any less than perfectly! Far better runners in my experience than the Hornby equivalent, though you sacrifice some of the finer detail.
  2. Ok, I'll own up - I started the group mainly to garner reference photos for a layout I'd love to get round to making!
  3. "don't worry if you damage it as its going in the bin..." ... A very pertinent point! Easy to miss the obvious thought sometimes, isn't it? Didn't see the wood for all those trees... Cheers all
  4. Evening all, I'll start with some context... I'm working on a Bachmann 20, and for the life of me can't get the cab-end headcode panel out to change it from its current class 1 headcode to something more suitable for use on a colliery branch. Tried the usual duct tape method, tried carefully prising it out, no joy. (If anyone has suggestions for other methods, these may render my question purely academic!). Naturally, I got to thinking of a suitable cop-out. I'm sure I've heard that, back in the days when headcodes were generally expected to be displayed, a loco unable to display the correct headcode would carry headlamps denoting the train classification, as per steam locos. Indeed, I've found a couple of photos to back up this theory, such as https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/4019219839 . I wonder, though, if anyone could suggest when this rule would have died out, either being officially dropped or gradually ignored? Could I get away with this as a cop-out on a loco modelled ca.1968-70? Thanks in advance for any help!
  5. Love that weathering job! A set of etched cabside numberplates would really be the icing on the cake, though!
  6. 47383 enters the exchange sidings (where it will have its coupling straightened... )
  7. In rapidly falling light, Silmarillion arrives at the Exchange Sidings with a loaded rake of HAAs, whilst Blackfield II awaits further duties. ... Yes, I know, I'll dig out the SLR and do it properly at some point!
  8. A few of the named industrials in my fleet... Genesis Hawkwind Arthur Brown Silmarillion Blackfield II Karnataka So yes, I suppose mixing hobbies can be done
  9. Not according to the timetables - in fact, the only mention of the windcutters appears to be one run Swithland to Loughborough late Sunday!
  10. The colours look excellent on that! If I were you I'd invest in a set of etched nameplates to really set it off; at the moment the printed names are the most obvious sign that it's a model.
  11. Think that 47's the best weathering job I've seen done in N - honestly thought it was OO til I clocked the couplings!
  12. Put on a back pack and stand in front of the layout?
  13. From experience, it's worth dropping Bachmann an email. Wouldn't be the first time I'd had a response along the lines of "Well, we don't sell them as a rule, but we do have one in a drawer here..."
  14. Also seen a photo of this / one of these, being hauled by a Merchant Navy in 66/67.
  15. Speaking personally, don't feel you have to rush to the money shot - these are all interesting updates!
  16. Not sure I see the logic behind this one. Would it not make sense to form a club in the normal way, then arrange an exhibition (even a permanent one) once the layouts are approaching completion*? It's a shame, as I would've liked to have got involved with this one, but it just doesn't seem viable to me. * I know, whose layout is ever 'completed'? But substitute 'presentable'!
  17. Well, yes and no... You CAN drill a small hole into Hornby/Bachmann 3 link hooks and hang 3 links off them, but they tend to be far too shallow in design to survive much shunting. In my experience it's worth the short-term hassle of fitting proper coupling hooks to avoid having to constantly re-couple wagons every few seconds!
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