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  1. Hello all I have the Farish 1104 Pannier Tank. The motor runs when everything is disassembled, but only occasionally can I get the wheels to turn - it looks like the cog isn't always meshing properly with the axle (sorry, I have no idea what the technical terms are!). I can get it to work with the chassis out of the shell, but as soon as it goes back in, no joy. Who is the recommended person for a repair (possibly including a DCC conversion)?
  2. The halfway right bit isn’t too much of a concern. But I take the point! I do want to create that sense of scenery with some trains running in it, rather than trains with some bits of scenery (if that makes sense). More research last night. I’m thinking of a model very loosely based on NER branch lines, between Bishop Auckland and Durham. As well as small branch line traffic, and a colliery service (which were numerous), that would allow me to include some of the east coast main line, with the occasional glimpse of the Mallard!
  3. I've been reading David Wright's "Modelling Branch Lines", which is where I've taken a few of the names of places from. Pics attached.
  4. After much consulting of every track layout book I can lay my hands on, I am still struggling to put pen to paper. I've spent hours and hours pouring over the inspiring layouts here. On the basis that the first step is the hardest, and I'm struggling to take it, so hoping someone can give me the push/kick up the backside I need. Baseboard plan attached, with a few ideas sketched out. You can see it hugs all 4 walls of my garden studio (it's a log cabin, albeit fully insulated/electrified/fibre broadband and all). It's ~2.7mx1.4m, and has to double as a bit of a more general worksho
  5. I think I’ve been rumbled! It’s really for me, maybe I can just slap down some 00 track on a 6x4 for the kids and leave the N gauge to me!
  6. Very fair point. Fortunately, my shed is actually my log cabin - the space I have available is the second room (the main room is my home office, so it’s insulated and heated, fibre broadband etc!)
  7. Just to throw in a curve ball, let’s say I traded in what little 00 track I currently have, and went with N gauge. How much more train do I get for my space?
  8. I love both these plans - thank you all for taking time to pull these together!
  9. Thanks David. Reality is that I want it to be fun! I want to run my Hornby Mallard with a couple of coaches, and I want to do some shunting. It's a train set with pretensions of being a model railway. I also love modelling scenery, so a nice scenic run/break/tunnels etc are all in grand plan. The section by the door will be hinged/liftout, carpentry not too much of a problem. Shelves can be an absolute maximum of 40cms (on all 4 sides of the shed).
  10. I have limited space, limited budget, and limited time on my hands. All together, that means 00, in my shed - something the kids can get interested in over time (currently 5 and 1). It's an ~9x5 (274x149cms) shed, but also has to contain all my tools. So realistically I have a roundy-roundy shelf layout. Where to begin?
  11. Interesting - what more could I achieve in 12” (certainly not adverse to the engineering challenge)
  12. Thanks Paul - that looks great, some really lovely scenic effects. Any chance of some more pics? one thing that is comforting is that 12” works pretty well!
  13. Here's what I mean (appreciate the curves make no sense, but this is conceptual!) I've also added the width of the doors for reference.
  14. This is brilliant Bryant, thank you so much! It's not a problem to fill out those corners a bit to contain the overlapping curves. A new element has come to mind, which may (or may not) be feasible. On the other side of the 1' board (to the top as I look at your schematic), there's a wall - on the other side of this wall is a second room in the cabin (it's the workshop element of this). if feasible, I could cut a couple of tunnel portals into the wall, and have an extra run of track on the other side - might be a good way to extend a run, with a hidden element. I'm a
  15. Thanks David - this is exactly the sort of thing I hoped might be achievable. Although given this is a toy, rather than a model, I won’t have long trains (perhaps I can reduce the length of the platforms accordingly?), and a FY is unnecessary. Love the idea of a viaduct across the doors though, will definitely go with that. Settrack, however, is going to be absolutely essential! And I do think a double track will help keep engagement up - watching trains speeding round is more fun! @mdvle - I really appreciate the concept. Not bothered about a shunting board, but I could pro
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