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  1. Unfortunately this site has a member, posting under at least two identities, who seriously needs to get a life, seeming to think this his private empire to rule as he pleases. He recently started contributing, unhelpfully, to a two-man discussion thread under his other persona (though blatantly him from the start), right from the off trying to goad a reaction - stalking really. When one's contributions are belittled it takes away the fun. Hope you all get through these hard time in one piece and have success with you modelling endevours. Remember, no one is right all the time. When he reports
  2. Just another thought. It would depend on the geography of the room a bit, but I'd be tempted to look at the station/yard bit going diagonally from the top-middle to bottom right. It would 'waste' a load of space in the top right corner but you could ease the curves somewhat which might be nice, and perhaps move the headshunt onto the approach line such that it can be accessed from all the roads. Also, just another random thought, if you did that you could have the layout/fiddle yard interface also half way along the top. I'm assuming the bit between the layout baseboards and the fiddle yards i
  3. There's this. I think they have a UK agent or something, https://modratec.com/
  4. Well that certainly opens it up! Potential for interesting bridge or such on the approach. I suppose having the goods yard split adds operation potential, more need to cross over and such. One of the appealing features of your designs is avoiding filling every space with track, they've all had a nice small country station feel to them. Obviously it's up to you but I'd not go for a whole lot more track - J guess it depends on how you feel about doing scenery ;-)
  5. Having had some paint problems, mostly very slow drying (maybe temperature related, it's not that warm in the loft at this time of year), the SR van is parked to one side while things go off. So to avoid practicing I've started the BR 12T pipe wagon kit. With a bit of luck I can do one while the other's paint dries and so on. The box is what you'd expect - a box really. Inside there's somewhat less a number of parts compared to the SR van - and no need to pre-paint stuff. The instructions start with assembling the couplings and fitting them to the d
  6. Ok, thanks. I can carry on now I know what to expect! I'll look at varnish later, I'd like to experiment with my chalks first to see if a little weathering will take the shine off a bit. Every day's a school day :-)
  7. This might seem a bit odd, but what finish should I expect from Railamtch 322 early freight grey? Both coats have come out somewhat glossy, I was expecting a matt finish. The pot is about 6/7 years old, but unopened till now, and has been thoroughly stirred. It does get cold in my unheated loft, so I just want to make sure my expectation isn't wrong before engaging cunning plans.
  8. They've quite clearly stated they are no longer interested in the UK market, because it's simply not worth it, as have BeerOnWeb (Belgium), Shatner's business and the three cycle shops mentioned in a previous post. That will be the UK's loss, since presumably people order from the EU to get things they cannot get here, or significantly cheaper enough to warrant shipping cost.
  9. It's nothing to do with software - it's being charged to register to collect taxes for another government, and potentially being punished if you get it wrong when you really have no reason to take the extra work on. As Shatner posted, his accountants added up the cost of setting this up and running it and concluded that makes trading with the UK unviable. I used to sell vehicle parts globally, including Australia. If any country had told me I had to collect their taxes I would told them where to go. The now famous Dutch cycle shop sells to 159 countries, non of whom makes them collect third co
  10. I think this might work, it's a bit hard to do the geometry in my head... How about moving the right-hand most points on to the heel of the three-way. This would I think give a sharp curve into the fiddle yard which would I think be a shame with the rest looking so nice, but perhaps moving the three-way left may ease that - it would mean sacrificing some siding length?
  11. I was going to say its a pity Anyrail cannot export a 3d view like Templot, but having checked it appears it can and it's built-in. This is a really good way of 'standing on the track and looking down the iine' to see how it looks. Unfortunately Wine crashes when trying it Linux - ho hum!
  12. I'd go for the upper one myself, it 'flows' better to my eye. Plus extending the right-hand run round extension to either a stabling point, small shed or perhaps a 'specialist' goods siding, such as a grain elevator. Each unto their own though :-)
  13. A good question. This https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/changes-to-vat-treatment-of-overseas-goods-sold-to-customers-from-1-january-2021/changes-to-vat-treatment-of-overseas-goods-sold-to-customers-from-1-january-2021 as far as I can tell does not take that into account.
  14. It's worse than that : a business selling to the UK now has to pay to register with the UK to supply to the to the UK, and that business is expected to collect taxes on behalf of the UK government. This is unique in the world. William Shatner (yes, that one) and a Dutch cycle parts supplier are two examples of businesses who have decided to simply not to sell to the UK as a result. I don't suppose they will be the only ones.
  15. Just to point out that railway fencing almost unique to the UK. There's plenty of cab ride videos from just about anywhere on Youtube to demonstrate the point, barely a fence in sight.
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