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  1. I am trying to fit a decoder to my farish 372-577 Royal Scot loco. I have removed the 4 screws from underneath the tender, as per the instructions that came with it, however when I try to remove the shell it just 'wiggles' slightly but will not come off. Any suggestions welcome. Alan
  2. I have retried the loco again today and lo and behold it's working again! Must have needed the capacitor to lose all it's charge. Thanks for the advice though.
  3. Haymarket, I had been updating other locos prior to this one with no problem. I tried just going through the Z21 with the same timeout problem reading the loco decoder.
  4. Hi I was amending the address of the loco from 2 digit to 4 digit addressing, all seemed to be ok but when I went to try the loco on the main track nothing. I put the loco back on the programming track and tried to read the address back and now it comes up with 'Error reported by digital system: No acknowledge from decoder'. I am using Roco Z21 and programming via RR&Co train Programmer. Any help would be appreciated, even if it's to tell me where in the UK I could get it repaired. It was bought in Germany whilst on holiday over a year ago so out of warranty.
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