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  1. They were indeed seen at Craiginches in Freightliner times, but the metalair and v tanks seem to be the only 4 wheelers used now.
  2. Newport Alexandra Dock Junction Yard is the full name I think; not easy to say. Hopefully these may make an appearance on Redfield, although presumably they were for finished steel only, given the hoods.
  3. DRS also work Grangemouth - Aberdeen Craiginches and Inverness trains with Tesco/Asda traffic, although they aren't exclusively supermarket trains.
  4. It was basically a 45ft container with a reefer unit at one end. They were carried on FIA euro-twin flats, as made by Bachmann. A good idea for a model though. (Flickr link) Personally, I'm hoping for some ICI caustic soda TTAs, as seen on numerous speedlink trains in the 80s.
  5. I think they're the Scunthorpe PTAs rather than the accurascale type that have all been withdrawn.
  6. I think all the JSAs still in use have their hoods removed, as they are used for semi-finished rather than finished steel. Interestingly, some of the former JSAs have now become open box wagons - the third use for some of these chassis, and much closer to their original appearance. (Flickr link)
  7. A southbound turbostar heading into Feathers cutting between Carmont and Stonehaven on Christmas eve 2020.
  8. I think they're actually to spread the weight of the train over the various bridges on the route. Given the lack of coaches it's probably a training run.
  9. A disused industrial line in the workington area winds it's way past some urban decay. (Sorry about the quality)
  10. Next off the boat from the shed above, 66591 heads towards Craiginches FHH from Millerhill on a route refresher, presumably for future engineering works. This is the first Freightliner working to Craiginches for quite some time, so worth recording. Feathers/Fetteresso - 15/12/20
  11. Is it not the owner who has posted it here?
  12. Scotrail and LNER units between turns, empty sleeper stock during the day, and the occasional NR test train. MPVs also rest here during daytime in the RHTT season. Freight in Aberdeen is concentrated around Craiginches (Colas and DRS) and Waterloo yard (Colas) , so light locos are almost always stabled there.
  13. Rail express 261 (February 2018) has a performance comparison between the HSTs and IETs on diesel power. It appears to come to a rather different conclusion than this video.
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