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  1. Excellent work, Giles. Simplicity and neatness appear to be your trademarks. Well done. Phil
  2. Proper job that, Alan. First class. Phil
  3. Ah ,well, in the good old days locos were just moved about as required, usually stuck into a goods train, or maybe towed by a light engine(with a caretaker crew , of course)Nowadays a charge has to be made(as the railways must turn a profit)to shift things about, and "Hey Presto! " the road haulage industry can undercut the prices again. Mind you ,as they have to use a specialised haulier it will still cost a fair old wad of money to do the job. I suspect the above picture truck and trailer would cost at least the thick end of £250k .The last new truck I drove was £85k about 12 years ago and that was without a body or a Hiab crane mounted< and was only a 6 wheeler. Phil
  4. Could be there's been other unseen damage, a lot of transmissions on buses have air/electrical gear changes (I know my last truck had)and maybe the electric have gone haywire - no electrics or air, no go! atb Phil
  5. Looks like the bottom half of a chaldron wagon. atb Phil
  6. I notice there are no overhead shots or propelling movements, and the Mk1s seem to have solid bar couplings.I'll reserve judgement until I've seen those. Phil
  7. You may as well give up Andy, and come back to the dark side...............you know it makes sense! Phil
  8. Absolutely magic Giles.So neat and simple.I take my hat off to you,sir. Phil
  9. Have a look on youtube,there are several videos of rough American trackwork(and even rougher Chinese stuff!) Phil
  10. As a very tenuous connection with this, Netherseal Colliery was our "local" pit, up Pit Lane,not 10 mins walk from where I'm sitting now. Closed in 1947,my great grand father delivered coal from there round the village , with a pony and cart .Trojan ,now at Didcot was the shunting engine there ,later it moved to the paper mill at Tamworth .All that remains now is the old trackbed from it's junction at Castle Gresley ,and the brick built reservoir by the farm. Phil
  11. Can't beat a little Bribery and Corruption................. Phil
  12. Be very careful ,Andy, you'll be back with 7mm again............................ Phil
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