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  1. Thanks for that Julian,I'll have a look into that. atb Phil
  2. Can I ask where you got your arched bridge from please? I'm looking for something similar. TIA. Cheers Phil
  3. Don't think there's any particular colour code ,it's down to the supplier. Morris's are green, whatever the contents. atb Phil
  4. I must say ,I had some locos weathered at TMC (whom I have no connection with other than a satisfied customer) for less than 100 notes, although I think the charges have gone up since, and these were for 4mm.They were very well done ,just what I wanted. atb Phil
  5. That's a very fine job indeed, sir. You reach heights others only aspire to. atb Phil
  6. Excellent work, Howard, Proper job. atb Phil
  7. Now you tell me! I've seen it no end of times, but not from that angle, but from passing over the road bridge. atb Phil
  8. They certainly did, but they were much more covert in their actions, trusting people to be careful, using their own judgement. They were embodied in Management. I have seen (posed) photos taken from a Midland Railway safety booklet, so it was taken seriously before "Modern Times". atb Phil.
  9. Looks about the same size as my shed! You'll be squeezing quarts into pint pots too! atb Phil
  10. That looks better. At least no one will get a clout round the ear and the Safety Elves wont get their knickers in a twist. atb Phil
  11. Certainly looks familiar. atb Phil
  12. Certainly looks familiar. atb Phil
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