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    Interested in the Didcot Newbury & Southampton Railway , Lambourn Branch and my own project ; Kings Essebourne
    Post Grouping rural GWR , early BR western region and parts of the LSWR.

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  1. GWR K40 Full brake 

    First Post ! not fully sure with how the website works but this looks like a good place to put my first post . this is a Bachmann/mainline collett coach except the sides have been stripped and some K40 full brake sides attached . The K40 brakes were of course bow-end coaches but i suppose this could pass as a K41 ,K42 or maybe a K45 with some Imagination. This is my first time working with brass so ignore the slight shoddiness ! 


    Here is the Frame with my usual coach weathering , the bogies it comes with need to have the underside whittled down before attaching a NEM socket / pocket. On the other end is something of an antique ; its called a bill bedford coupling and it slots in a hole on either wagon/coach and keeps up the appearance ( richard ! ) of all those pipes and things in between the coaches . Will soon post a picture of the body soon !

    1. truffy


      Hello, and welcome to RMweb!


      The forum topics list is a good place to start. For example, the Modifying and Detailing RTR forum:


      I’m afraid that you’ll  find that status updates such as this pretty quickly fall below the fold, never to be seen again :(

    2. truffy


      Oh, and antique @billbedford:lol:

    3. Harveyc


      thanks for tips , oh and the coupling did actually come from an antique shop , sorry bill!

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