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  1. Hi Jam, I’ve move to this thread to answer your previous message. No need to apologize for the length of the reply, I am pleased you made such an effort. I really appreciate the words. Took a look at the link you sent, love the 3D images, very cool. 2D AutoCAD and Anyrail is my limit !! Back in March 2020 my initial plan was just a diorama based on Bursledon Station, formulated during the first lockdown, I even scratch built the signal box from a period B&W photo. Summer was taken up working on the bungalow I’ve just moved into, but with Lockdown II, I turned my thought
  2. Hi All, I new to the RMWeb, so still sifting though the myriad of posts, Just stumbled onto this thread, searching for USA class loco. I must say that this thread holds lots of interest for several reasons. Reading through Jam’s planning process is really helpful as I am trying to plan my first ever layout, and finding it really hard. So, bearing in mind Jam has 100% more experience than myself, I feel a bit better about my struggle. Also, the mention of Warsash, my village from ’59-’71, then moved to Essex. My first railway memory was my father and I looking across the Ham
  3. Just looking at Nine Elms on an an old map, wow it was a massive complex back in the day... Cheers bécasse.
  4. Thanks for the replies, really appreciate the information. So I guess on a run to Waterloo the the loco would use the turntable there, then once back at Southampton return to Eastleigh for service. I will order the Ian Drummond book i think.....
  5. Hi all and Merry Christmas . Just trying to work a part of the dock system into a track plan and i was wondering how the locos were turned round at the Ocean Terminal in the 1950's. Paul
  6. Morning Phil, What an excellent photo, that is going to be really helpful. thank you for the link to your fathers album. Regards Paul
  7. Hi, Thank you for the replies, very much appreciated, good to have some pointers. The sound of the Thumper as you call them i recall more than the steam locos. the sound reverberated across the river. I probably won't go as modern as that tho. I've had a quick look at the T9, looks good. Also it will make compressing the diorama a bit easier with a smaller rake of coaches. Cheers Paul
  8. Thanks info, Ian and Paul, I'll look up the Maunsell Mogul. I have already bought a Bachmann 4MT 2-6-0 as in the lower picture. bit easier to identify from the number. I'd like a smaller, say 0-6-0 loco with some goods vans to add a bit on variety. Paul
  9. Cheers great site, the map is fantastic. I've a few photos, like this one for instance, )I would need someone to identify the loco). I also have pictures of some bigger locos on the bridges and station, ie West Country Battle of Britain. but none of the smaller loco with local freight. Paul.
  10. Hi all, New to RMweb, I’m not a rail buff,but just always had a love of the steam loco era. Being bought up on the Hamble River, I remember watching the trains run along the river through Burseldon. Retired and locked down now, I would like to build a diorama based on that line. I'd like to base it about the time my parents moved there late 30’s to the late 50’s. So, I’m in need some information what rolling stock would have been on that line around then. Can anyone point me towards some reference material to help me please.
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