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  1. I'm not sure where stereotypes of women really come into this unless you're thinking of athletes doing a different kind of street running! Maybe I should change the thread title? Industrial street running obviously wasn't confined to Lancashire and there are some interesting prototypes outside the county - I only said because I was looking at Oldham as inspiration. And then went off-topic with a picture of Aberdeen.
  2. Here it is pared down to the motor unit and built back up with 3D printed frames, boiler, and tank. These are just test prints so they're a bit rough, but I'm pleased with the overall effect. Also in view is a 4½-plank open wagon acquired from eBay.
  3. Not Lancashire, but I've found a nice photo of the rail entrance to Aberdeen Gas Works: The sliding gates make a lot of sense for providing security without obstructing the street. I imagine other sites of the same period did similar.
  4. If I'm going to have a layout I'll need track and things to run on it. The former is already mostly here, and I'm now starting on the latter. This peculiar contraption is a Lima shunter with a (continental?) steam outline body bolted on top. It's basic to say the least but it runs, it'll handle 700mm curves, and it was cheap! Although the wheelbase is a scale 18" too long, I think I can turn this into a passable Andrew Barclay with skirts (along the lines of Aberdeen Gas Works' Mr Therm). Drawings and 3D printer at the ready.
  5. Well spotted Mike! That was a slip of the fingers on my part; the Smallbrook kit is further up the thread.
  6. My current work in progress for O-16.5 is "Leah", a Springside Fowey shown here with the roof balanced in place on a dry run. It's a lovely little kit and the weight of whitemetal is rather satisfying.
  7. After a return to the hobby in my 20s and a few years of building 7mm narrow gauge, the standard gauge bug has bitten. Since I don't have the time, space, or money for a great big layout it's going to be a @JimRead style micro - not quite the Arendtian four square feet but I'm setting myself a hard limit of 1500×600mm so I can move it up and down stairs and fit it in my car in one piece. I've decided on a South Lancashire urban setting in the early to mid 1930s and have been asking questions on the standard gauge industrial forum here. My proposed track plan is closely based
  8. I've another question for the knowledgeable. What did the factory/works entrances look like? I presume they were gated but I'd be interested to know more, and how for instance the oblique Hartford Old Works entrance would have worked.
  9. That's a bit more than I expected! But you know what, it's still a yes please from me. Drop me a PM to let me know how you'd like to sort delivery and payment
  10. Hello @irishmail, are these still available? I'm interested and can cover postage.
  11. Thanks all for the useful information! The photos are especially valuable here - they've already provided answers to questions like "what did the p-way look like" (inset in setts) and "did the locos have skirts" (many didn't). I also like the look of that little Peckett as a candidate for micro motive power, though I'm considering an inside cylinder Black Hawthorn for a first scratchbuild.
  12. Having modelled 7mm narrow gauge for a few years I'm developing the urge to build a little something in standard gauge again. My space is strictly limited to 150x60cm so I can fit it into the car and move it up and down the stairs if need be. That means a pretty compact layout, short stock, and probably tight curves - and @JimRead of this parish is a particular inspiration with his O gauge micro creations. I was looking through the old OS maps for a possible prototype and just up the road from me in Oldham there was a very extensive network serving the mills and factories. N
  13. Thank you @Dava! As time went on - and encouraged by the 7mmNGA and the low cost of mechanisms - I decided to branch out into O16.5. My first locomotive: "Eleine", a Smallbrook Odin on a slightly modified Hornby chassis. I'm rather satisfied with the motion covers as a way of hiding the chassis' deficiencies. Work in progress: "Falconer", an chimaera of Lima Plymouth bonnet, Smallbrook cab, and a lot of plasticard and wire built to fit on a stock Hornby chassis. It's still awaiting a driver and roof. Here's the most recent fin
  14. As a novice scratchbuilder and 7mm modeller, I'd certainly love to see a guide. Can't offer much in the way of advice for publishing although a blog would be easily accessible to most.
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