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  1. I've come across this website which has 3D printed bodies of the NER & LNER Tyneside electric units - http://www.rue-d-etropal.com/3D-printing/passenger-stock-lner/3d_printed_tyneside-railcars.htm
  2. It will but it will be a problem when it gets to Northumberland Park due to the layout with the Metro there etc.
  3. Hi Graham, If you have a bit more space available I'd like to offer - Craster BR(NE) 1950/60's 7mm. Details attached. Regards Chris CRASTER – Exhibition Details.docx
  4. Craster is all packed up in the van, looking forward to the 6.5 hour drive from the NE Setting off at 4am so we miss all the traffic. Pop along if you're in the area and see a slice of NE railways in South Wales. Regards Chris
  5. Looking forward to our trip down to sunny Wales with Craster.
  6. Last seen on a work bench in deepest darkest Towyn, allegedly lost on it's way to the NE
  7. There's another three 37's to come from the NE yet.
  8. Just as well I live in Morpeth not Craster
  9. I do believe there's two Std 4 Tanks, one J39, two Class 101 DMU's, one Class 37, one Shark Brake Van & one BSK already in the queue that are needed back in the NE. So I hope there isn't any queue jumpers
  10. Hi Tony, I've sent you a PM. Regards Chris Stafford
  11. Unfortunately as with most local shows the cost of the venue usually dictates where it will be held. As most clubs manage to find a suitable venue at a reasonable cost the venue then seems to notice how popular it is and puts the price up. This happened to us at Blyth Community College, which prompted a move to Blyth Sports Centre but parking there was a severe problem. We then moved to the Parks, the only dates available was in the summer due to it being an indoor bowling green, it proved fortuitous as that year our normal date in November was a white out with snow which would have forced us to cancel. All seemed well at first, but as it was the bank holiday weekend the spiralling costs of van and accommodation along with shortage of parking due to the remainder of the sports hall being opened became too much. An alternative venue and date was sort and a move to Quorum seemed to answer all our questions. It was available at any time, it had ample parking, it was cheaper, it was modern, bright and large. Trying to find a suitable date to retain all our regular traders proved tricky and we settled on the second weekend in December which we thought would prove popular with families on the run up to Christmas. Unfortunately the venue at Quorum was sold and we could not find another venue at short notice for 2016 so we ended up not having a show. We continued looking but most venues were out of our price range which left our current venue and was only available out of term time. Our current venue is not ideal but cost, location etc dictates what we got and whilst we have moved about and it may have affected attendances we have advertised widely to ensure it doesn't. Other local shows have moved venues regularly over the years and a well known national show in the Midlands and one in the NW have moved dates regularly so we are not alone. We may move again but it would have to be the right venue and date but who knows if that will last before the price goes up. Answers on a postcard if anyone knows better.
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