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  1. The other two Hoppers, just another ten to go!!!!
  2. The work in progress Hoppers are now finished, delayed slightly as we have been updating one of layouts 'Jackson's Yard' for the forth coming Pontefract Exhibition this month. These are the hoppers along with a couple of others. The new military weathering pigments have been used on these hoppers, which have proved to be very easy to use and give a better dimension to the hoppers.
  3. This week continues with more 21t Hoppers as well as some Accurascale 24.5t Hoppers. The Hoppers are still work in progress with further layering of weathering to be added. I've invested in some military modelling powders to give a different dimension to the weathering. A further ten hoppers are also awaiting the weathering treatment so I'll have plenty to keep me busy.
  4. It is on Forth Banks (Formerly Invergeachy) which is very much under construction. Approximately 46ft by 17ft in size and will be BR 1980's North East.
  5. Well not content with my efforts on the 'Clyde Puffers' I decided to have ago at some of the LNER/BR 21t Hoppers that needed to look like the well worn/work stained work horses they should be. I tried do a variety of methods to replicate different looks from well faded to heavily stained & rusted versions and these are my efforts - I hope you like the photos and gives inspiration to anyone starting out that you can achieve what you want. Regards Chris
  6. I've long looked on in admiration at the work from some of the superb modellers on here and always wanted to be able to emulate their work/skills. So recently whilst having to get the harbour extension for Craster ready for it's visit to this years Guildex I had to get my hands dirty with my first attempt of weathering. Being an ex-Matelot of both the Merchant & Royal Navy I got the job of detailing the two Clyde Puffer models we had for the harbour. Both models are a propriety RTR model whose scale is unknown but looks close enough to be 1:43. So with a tight deadline I knew I wouldn't have time to make any physical changes or add any extra details. This left repainting and weathering as my only option. So my first attempt at weathering started and I wanted one of them to look like a complete 'Rust Bucket', whilst the other one was to look as 'Dirty Unkempt' I could get it to be. The 'Dirty Unkempt' Puffer before weathering - After weathering - In position on the harbour - The 'Rust Bucket' in position on the harbour - There's a lot more to be done to the 'Clyde Puffers' detail wise but that is for another rainy day. I hope you've enjoyed the photo's. Regards Chris
  7. I've come across this website which has 3D printed bodies of the NER & LNER Tyneside electric units - http://www.rue-d-etropal.com/3D-printing/passenger-stock-lner/3d_printed_tyneside-railcars.htm
  8. It will but it will be a problem when it gets to Northumberland Park due to the layout with the Metro there etc.
  9. Hi Graham, If you have a bit more space available I'd like to offer - Craster BR(NE) 1950/60's 7mm. Details attached. Regards Chris CRASTER – Exhibition Details.docx
  10. Craster is all packed up in the van, looking forward to the 6.5 hour drive from the NE Setting off at 4am so we miss all the traffic. Pop along if you're in the area and see a slice of NE railways in South Wales. Regards Chris
  11. Looking forward to our trip down to sunny Wales with Craster.
  12. Last seen on a work bench in deepest darkest Towyn, allegedly lost on it's way to the NE
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