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  1. I’m afraid I don’t have another DCC system just the one and yeh the only improvement since the start of this thread is the control says 128mph rather than just 1mph. Thanks for everyone’s help so far, hopefully someone finds the magic touch. Tested a DC train (intended to be DCC one day) and the lighting on that isn’t working either, just my luck!
  2. Given that a go and still no running on the DC and saw situation on the DCC prior.
  3. I have tried it on my DC layout, it won’t run but my DC trains will. The 156 doesn’t react at all to any amount of power applied. Is there a way to test it through Railmaster as DC? If so I don’t know it yet.
  4. Not tried DC only, in the CVs the sound is off when I try and change them to the recommended (by railmaster) settings and write them to the decoder it isn’t letting me and keeps them all back at 000. Suggests something is off somewhere that won’t let me put them on. May be something similar for the speed controls maybe?
  5. I’ve had a go at that but again same position, the trains are accelerating but I have no control over how much, they head straight up to full power no matter what I choose. I’ve still got no sound either
  6. Do you have a link to the bit of the Hornby forum? I’ve signed up. I tried CV29 to no avail, the instructions suggest CV29 should be 7 and 14 respectively to get each coach running in the correct direction. The RM speed slider first time I uploaded it did just have 1 but is now showing the full 128mph once I had deleted and reset. Again excuse the fact I am starting, is the R number based on the number on the box? Would i just add that into the search function for the name of the loco?
  7. Thanks for your help, I have tested each car of the DMU independently and it’s acting the same. Both only run at full speed even when shunt is selected. Some lights work and no sound. yeh funnily the 0-6-0 runs perfectly, the 68 also runs well at variable speeds with sound and lights working well.
  8. Thanks for getting in touch and moving it to the right place! I have the standard 0-6-0 from the Hornby western master and then a Dapol Class 68 (same decoder as the Class 68) The two decoders are Loksound 4 decoders in the DMU. Yeh I put them on separately and haven’t changed any settings on it yet.
  9. Using the Hornby eLink with Railmaster
  10. I am finally getting into the world of DCC and have the Hornby Railmaster set up, managed two trains and they are running fairly well. I then unboxed my Class 156 Realtrack ScotRail and very exited have tried to set it up. First attempt didn’t work, it had 2 settings full speed or nothing and Realtrack advised me to reset to factory settings via CV8 which I did, when this didn’t work they advised me to ask on here. The train does move, but no matter what speed I select it goes full pelt around my wee test track or is off, no in between. Some of the lighting functions work but the sound doesn’t at all. Can anyone help? It’s probably my biggest investment for my Railway and I am just in the planning stages of a proper DCC layout but this has really put me off
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