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  1. My track from Peco finally turned up! Its only taken 10 months, but I have my first box of code 75 concrete sleeper track, yay! This is of course in jest, I know Peco have been very unlucky over the past year, so thank you to them! I have been playing with the track plan as I just wasn't happy with it. The helpful ideas suggested to me in previous posts were playing on my mind and although I wanted 4 running lines, It would have been expensive and difficult to get right. I have to remind myself that this is my first ever layout and its a learning curve. I would rather not be like T
  2. I have spent the past two weeks reading up on your thread and layout: I love it! I haven't even started my layout yet, but if it turns out even half as good as yours ill be happy. By the way, I'm from Eastbourne where around page 100 somewhere you said you used to live here! Keep up the good work, cant wait to see the new lever frame and some scenery going down
  3. So work has stalled... Lockdown and the virus has stopped Peco as we all know, so my birthday present (June) of several boxes of flexitrack still hasn't turned up and Hattons can only tell me thats its still on order. Kinda annoying, but hey what can you do in these strange times... Wiring up the loft is on hold because my tame electrician isn't working at the moment, so that's on hold as I don't trust myself to do it.... I finally got a DCC controller from ebay, the small Hornby one, nothing special to start with, but it didn't work so got a refund. Bought another, tha
  4. Im good with computers and ok will electronics. Ive had a look at JMRI and looks interesting. I have a couple of PCs knocking around somewhere, so might jump in
  5. Hi Paul, I like your idea, I never thought of having two tracks on one side and four the other. It captures the look of a busy mainline outside the depot, but also creates a countryside scene well. I do use the flexitrack trick in SCARM as much as possible to help, I was having to use three files, but got it down to two which is easier to photoshop into one file! The layout will definitely be digital, although I haven't got a controller yet! I tried bidding on a digitrax set that came up on ebay a few weeks ago, but didn't win it. I may just buy the Hornby c
  6. Hi, I use the free version, so I build the plan 50 items at a time, save it and then do the next section. I then photoshop all the files together to make one image of the full plan. Thanks for the link, I will check it out! Yes, I'm glad someone pointed the curves out and hopefully they will be ok. I have four MK4 coaches (recently purchased on ebay) to test the clearances when I start track laying. No plans for a fiddle yard in the tunnel, but I will park the trains in there when not using the layout. At this time, I only have one train. I can't see myself
  7. After taking on-board (pun intended!) all the advice from the previous blog, I have come up with the new track plan. I am useless at doing curves that are parallel to the tracks next to them, so don't take it as gospel. I have brought the pointwork closer into the station to assist the signallers arms, I have angled it as well to try and smooth out the 90 degree corners on the left side. I was hoping for straight platforms (as i don't think I have the skills to do curves platforms at this time) and think I will still manage that although they will be shorter. I have added in the sw
  8. Ok, thanks for the heads-up! How would you go about smoothing out the curves? Would putting a triangle piece of baseboard in the corner help? I will have a look at moving the point work into the station area more, it make total sense really. This is why I wanted a blog some that more experienced people could weigh in!
  9. Hi Will, Thanks for the input. The track plan is a work in progress and I was hoping for some advice, so I have thought about making these changes: The straights I was planning on changing them to slight "s-Bends" with super elevation, to make it look better. The turns at each corner are not minimum radius, but until I get the boards built and temporarily lay some track with a tracksetta, I don't know what they will be. I want them as gentle as possible in the space available to avoid issues. My SCARM skills are not the best so the plan is more of a rou
  10. With my plan of using a 40cm wide "shelf" to run most of the layout, I was um'ing and ar'ing over to run a double track or a quad track. I like the sound of a double track, more space for scenery on the "shelf" areas of the layout, but I also like the idea of four tracks running together. Brighton to Victoria is both, but I do like the four track sections between Haywards Heath and Gatwick. I have made a plan for four tracks after checking 40cm would be wide enough for 4 tracks. The picture still shows 30cm, but I just haven't updated it. I wanted a big through station with express
  11. After spending the winter clearing the loft, boarding the floor and celotexing and hardboarding the eves, I now have a workable space. The loft still needs power and lighting and the centre area needs celotex and hardboarding, but progress is being made at last! The plan is to run the layout around the outside of the loft on a 40cm "shelf" that allows me to still access the storage in the eves, have my computers in their current location (the loft is my man cave), but have a large baseboard for a station/town scene at the far end. The baseboards will be 9mm plywood with
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