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  1. I'll be 42 and share some of them... Anyway, intensely relaxed about the 5 LNWR I've got on order. They're to go with a specific locomotive that I've always loved and wanted something for it to pull. Otherwise they're out of period and geography for both my line and my club's line (and also obviously they're generic but I've literally bought them for the beautiful livery), so when they come they come.
  2. I've had my eye off the Hornby ball since the Hattons debacle cancelled pre-orders, but just re-ordered one of these through one of my (and apparently Hornby's) favoured smaller retailers. Obviously I can read a website as well as anyone else, but anyone got a steer on when we're looking at roughly for these? I suppose what I'm asking is to what extent have Hornby release dates been jumping around this year?
  3. given I've ordered an unexpected A5, the LNWR coaches to run with a Precedent that hasn't arrived yet either can wait a bit.
  4. Does anyone know of a source for ready made running in boards for London Extension stations? I can/have made totems photo-reduced, but the island platform stations have very distinctive name and poster boards at the bottom of the steps which are rather beyond my scratch building abilities!
  5. well this is it - as delticman shows it's quite straightforward if you're in a bit where nothing changed (which Killamarsh was) but on the London Extension it's a trap for the unwary because LM were *very* fast to repaint. Almost unbelievably so actually, because even as someone who models it I struggle to understand sometimes why they bothered.
  6. I did think about saying that, but Killamarsh is definitely wrong for that far south!
  7. For completeness, because my Killamarsh is having to do duty in the Northants bit of the London Extension in about 1958 (I know, not right for an extension signalbox, but it is at least GC and I needed a short term stand in), I've gone cream and maroon after the pattern of the colour photograph available on an image search for the last years of the box at Culworth Junction.
  8. Just as a spanner in the works, I'm not an expert on the northern end of the GC - my knowledge is concentrated between Leicester and Calvert - and I can never remember whether the BR(LM) takeover got all the way to Sheffield or not. If it did, then be aware that LM did a rapid 'we've vanquished the old enemy'* repaint of most GC structures into their colours - which the link provided doesn't mention. So if you want to be late 50s or later then you might be looking at maroon rather than green. *more prosaically it might just be that BR(LM) had to repaint because BR(E) hadn't bothered, and it was all starting to look a bit shabby, which is ironic given quite how shabby it was going to look within about 5 years of the takeover....
  9. Basically my own rule of thumb for second hand is Hattons or a small number of Smaller retailers I trust. I’ll buy stock from EBay individuals, but not locomotives unless I fancy a challenge (without necessarily knowing if I’m going to get one!)
  10. I actually do trust Hattons for second hand - probably had 15 locos second hand from them over the last 4-5 years (restarting in the hobby from scratch) and while some have been better than others, ALL were as advertised (whether good or bad) - so someone in Widnes is doing their job!
  11. Given we're getting an A5, I've decided to be cheeky and have put in a suggestion for the GCR 1B, otherwise known as the LNER L1/3. Will take a few liveries across a service life of 1914-1955, 20 in the class, worked all over the GCR from Northamptonshire upwards...
  12. The SVR did it at Eardington in preservation. Left a small section to allow passengers on/off if necessary and then cut back the rest. In that case it was to stop the loading gauge being fouled as described above, which was a pressing concern given the need to really attack Eardington Bank without pausing (ideally).
  13. As did we in the late 1980s… my parents were both teachers and IIRC there was a realisation that the great changeover wasn’t really happening so in about 1985 a working knowledge of feet, inches pounds and ounces (and metric conversion) went back on the curriculum. No idea how long that lasted for, but I was there for it.
  14. My oldest (only at the moment) is still under 1
  15. Unless they were trying them on coal… but the one of them probably picked up the DIDO
  16. I'm looking out of my back window at the London extension now - all the eras are before my time so I thought I might as well do the 50s as anything else. At least some of the people in the village still remember what it was like then!
  17. I meant GC modelling in its widest sense, from opening to closure - being younger (40), young family, etc, I don't have the time to scratchbuild lots of things, and yes RtR GC liveried stuff is limited (though still probably more than ever before). As a 1950s GC modeller though - when else would I have had simultaneous access (through both new models and internet-sold second hand) to B17, B1, L1, O1, O7, O4, D11/1, J11, A5, K3, V2, J39, 10xx, 69xx, 68xx...? Before we even get into 'plug and play' London Extension stations. Because over the last 5 years or so that's what I've been able to put together for the model that I've actually got time to make (I do do all my own scenery, etc).
  18. It's a great time to be a GC modeller - I almost wish I was doing pre-grouping GC, but happy enough with the 1950s (and too much stock to change now)
  19. bit of a minefield this one depending on period - the last batch, which is the A5/2 were built with the lower dome and chimney that (some of) the others got later, but were otherwise built to the GC loading gauge. However, as A5/1s were displaced by (Thompson) L1s from the GC routes, that was the point that they tended to be brought within the wider loading gauge rather than the GC one. Frankly, it's the sort of thing where an expert will be able to spot the difference, but the semi-interested layman won't.
  20. Depends which L1 - certainly not a Thompson one! If Robinson L1/L3 then closer, but I didn't know there was one (as in a sound file).
  21. Mr Metroland you are a poet. A dreamer of beautiful dreams…
  22. Great, if you can just get it to Woodford Halse for me that would be a huge help!
  23. If you carried on from Marylebone the next logical place to stop would be Marble Arch.
  24. which is absolutely your right as an individual - I on the other hand *have* pre-ordered one because even if there are small mistakes I'll never do better myself in a month of Sundays. So in my case, not buying a not-quite-right A5 (if it turns out to be not-quite-right) would be an absolute nose-face-spite-knife interface.
  25. Brilliant, just need Hattons to sort out the LNWR Genesis now then.
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