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  1. Hi all. I hope that you are well during this strange time. I have been planning to make this layout in my room at the moment. I have got all of the track sorted, but when it comes to the baseboards, I am completely stumped. As the train comes into the station, the platform is curving quite nicely, and I would like the baseboard to follow the shape of the baseboard, but with space for three tracks between the end of the baseboard, and the platform. Enclosed in this topic should be two photos. The first one is how I would like the layout to be, and the second one is what I could do with the boar
  2. Thanks Folks! This has really inspired me, and It will definitely help with the creation of this layout. Again, thank you for all your support. Regards, Lucas
  3. I'll try to send a photo/ screenshot of the layout plan i am now working on from sketchapp. Should be an hour or two.
  4. Briliant! Would this also be an idea? Adapting the Minorities trackplan so that it fits the space that I have, and then buy another board ( probably 8ft by 2 or 3 ft for the fiddle yard?) Many thanks, Lucas
  5. Thank you very much for your help on this matter. This has really given me the ideas boost that I needed.
  6. Hi all! I hope that you are all well during these difficult times. I have finally picked up the courage to start building my own layout. As my loft is currently ' Not safe to be building into it' I have to get the layout into my room. It fits fine, but I have no idea how to get started properly. Some of the larges engines that will be used quite frequently will be Castles, Halls, Modified Halls, Granges, a B12, and my pride and joy, a Rebuilt West Country class. Any tips on how to get started, or even some trackplans would be absolutely fantastic. Bearing in mind hat I only have 7 points.
  7. then again, there is a very chear and effective way to do it. You could just tape balls of paper onto your baseboars with masking tape, then paper mache over the top, and wait 2 or 3 days until it is dry. It sets rock hard, and then, the glue will soak ino the paper, and will harden the paper even more when you glue the foliage on the embankment.
  8. Thank you very much for your response. When you say the goods line signals should be ringed, what do you mean by that? Also, apologies for the crudeness of the trackplan. Many thanks.
  9. Hi all! On my layout, I have got quite a complex trackplan, and I have absolutely no idea where to put any signals. I only know where to put three of my 5 signals tha I have in my collection. I have 3 home signals, one double home signal, and a distant signal. Does anyone have any ideas of where I could put them on the layout? Many thanks.
  10. Hi there SIGTECH, A beautiful layout that you have got there. I was just wondering, would it be possible for you to upload a photo of the trackplan, please. Thanks a lot.
  11. What about a helicopter like the doctor used to get zoe and isabel out of the international electromatics factory sort of thing? It could help to add a bit more scenic interest/variety
  12. Hi there David. Have you tried freetrackplans.com? It is actually a very good site, and there are many varied trackplans. Regards, GWRswindon101
  13. They might be a bit big (about 3-4mm bigger than the TARDIS)
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