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  1. I managed to catch one of the Stocksbridge Steel Works Yorkshire Engine Company Janus' in action last week. Thanks for this thread for making me aware that there are actually two different loco's on site, I always assumed I was seeing the same one. Still going strong after 60+ years this one.
  2. The £20 GUV that’s newly listed is also a steal, as they are usually about £40. I can also vouch for the service and quality. All items come with 6 months mechanical warranty so less risky than Ebay.
  3. That can't be Sedbergh, it's not raining! Great work though
  4. I work near a steelworks sidings, and you have captured the feel of it perfectly. Great work.
  5. I find Samstrains reviews useful in that he reviews some fairly obscure models, they are easily accessible (and free too), I can physically see the product from all angles, I can see it run and I get a preview of the build quality etc. It's a nice introduction to be used with other sources to help me to decided how to spend my hard-earned effectively, which can help me avoid older models that are being sold at new prices, total duds, the odd bargain, a loco I'd never have thought of myself or maybe just entertain me for 30 minutes. That doesn't mean I blindly follow everything that he says, an
  6. That's looking excellent, you have already captured the look and feel of Skipton, great work!
  7. Iskra

    2021 hopes

    While your general point is correct, 67’s on RES parcels stock were still going this side of the millennium. 325’s have also been hauled by class 90’s.
  8. Iskra

    2021 hopes

    Speaking of Gresley coaches, I wouldn't mind seeing the newest version of the LNER teaks brought into BR colours. The extant BR models looks very plasticy compared to the new LNER teaks which look very nice.
  9. It's not too late, the track isn't pinned down yet Firstly, thank you for your considered response. There is a 4ft (ish) fiddle yard out of sight on the bottom of the picture, which allows 3 Mk1 carriages and a loco to operate, plus I use some suburban Mk1's and BG's, parcels vehicles etc which are shorter, a couple of DMU's feature; a 2 car 101, a Park Royal railbus and short freights so on thorough testing it does pretty much work. The 'hand of god' does come into play sometimes at the fiddle yard end, but the beauty of including a small shed means I can run another locomotive
  10. Iskra

    2021 hopes

    My hopes: Clan Class Reworked class 142 Class 73/9 Caledonian Sleeper Some classic HST liveries; GNER, Midland Mainline.
  11. Just by way of update, here is where I've got to: I dispensed with the idea of an L-shape as the additional complication wasn't going to provide much additional benefit. So it's now just a total straight line. The platform will be the 3 lines on the top right, providing two 'long' platforms with a bay cut out of the middle for stabling/motorail/DMU use (this will be from a Metcalfe platform kit). My station is now a terminus but also a junction between a secondary mainline and a branch line, a bit like at Fort William. This provides plenty of operational interest and mo
  12. While we're on the subject; In a temperature controlled room, what would the optimal temperature be for a layout to be stored at?
  13. Also the cheapest I've seen the Oxford Rail Carflat Wagon anywhere too at £23.95 http://herefordmodels.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=369_370_472&products_id=9829
  14. In terms of my Bachmann models; 1) Class 37 DCC Sound. The best model I have ever had, a great performer and looks fantastic. 2) Class 20 DCC Sound from the Whiskies Galores set. Another beautiful model and a great performer. 3) Class 47 DCC Sound. An excellent model and runs very well. The only thing I don't like about this one is the plastic windscreen wipers don't look great. I have a DCC Sound 57 and 66 on the way so maybe they will enter my top three.
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