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  1. I stumbled across this post looking for something else and am a bit late to this party, however, it hasn't been properly answered. Yes this is for waste slate. The wagons would be beneath the dressing tables above. Running the length of the back of the building would be the tramway bringing the quarried slate in. Along the middle of the building would be a row of saws and the front would be the dressing tables. I assume the model has a door on the side at the back?
  2. Tl;dr Twenty year break since first layout as a kid. Making a quarry/mini-TMD 8ft by 2ft layout focusing on ARC and Mainline Freight Limited rolling stock. Era: early 90s. Layout thus:
  3. This post is an epic ramble so I've summarised in a second post after this Evening all, As a kid I built an 00 model railway with my Dad/Grandpa. I'm looking to get back into it after 20 years or so absence and wanting to build a my first 'proper' layout. I've been trawling the net for ideas and kept ending up here (which is a credit to you guys and this community) so I've decided to join and document progress here for myself really and if anyone takes an interest that's cool. My childhood layout was a standard two track roundy-round 8'x4' affai
  4. Cheers guys, I've ordered some 7812s. My box of bits has a load of 7809s so I'll have a play with those for now. Though I'll have to redo the resistor sums. Thanks for your help Crosland
  5. Thank you, that's helpful. They're going to be left on (engine shed lights). Circa 10 white SMDs. I guess my main concern is letting the blue smoke escape out of the controller. The end plan is to have a proper independent power supply for the LEDs but in the interim I like problem solving so dimming isn't a problem. If the smoke is going to stay inside I'll crack out my breadboard and have a play. I'm pretty sure I have a big bag of regulators somewhere too. I'll compare and contrast. Thanks again!
  6. The input socket is on the left. The R964 is the matching transformer.
  7. They're both right although giz openly admits he doesn't know the layout of the unit, hence your confusion. The 0-12V DC controlled output to the track is via the cable wrapped around the unit. The uncontrolled 16V AC is via the screw terminals. Sorry if this is teaching you to suck eggs but the symbols next to the volts indicate the type of current. ~ is AC and the combined solid line and dashed line symbol means DC. I couldn't tell you the 'power' without the current rating which isn't shown in the picture. Not sure if power is actually what you're interested in, thou
  8. Afternoon All, I'm looking into trying to limit the no load voltage from the uncontrolled output of the Hornby R7229, essentially to power a fixed number of LEDs and thus a fixed load. My question is, can I use a zener diode to achieve this without affecting operation of the CDU for my points? As the supply voltage varies a potential divider isn't suitable here. I assume both are equally inefficient? Follow up question, if a zener is suitable for this application is it correct to connect the point motors across the supply (so they're not in series with the z
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