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  1. Beautiful... must make sure I've got my wet weather gear it looks like rain over there... BTW that grass looks spot on for Dartmoor, nibbled by sheep and rabbits all day long
  2. That scrubby bit of grass and bushes looks so real
  3. Is that a spot of goose poo on the decking...
  4. There is plenty of "extremely rare " junk on his lists....
  5. Well at least their still talking, always a good sign...
  6. Just out of interest what do you do with your old buildings once you've updated (rebuilt) the area
  7. Which opens the possibility of Brill /Budd inspired single railcars
  8. Odd that brass is made out of whitemetal....
  9. Love what you do, look forward to seeing more as it reminds me of my childhood...
  10. No a good telling off from the district engineers for use of a pedestrian bridge by a motor vehicle...
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