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  1. Back in April 2012 I built a pillar drill that I fitted in the grounded van body, this has now been removed and is going to be relocated in the workshop, the attached shows the drill stand and all the parts I made for this item.
  2. I notice it's not suitable for children under 36 months due to a chocking hazard ... how about those over 744 months .... I've just chocked looking at the prices
  3. Know it well might pop over there as the sun is breaking through, and Mrs B wants some fresh air
  4. And I am experimenting with an old face mask fibres for scale cobwebs in my 7/8ths workshop, and you go an do it in 4mm ....
  5. Completed the guttering, including scrunching up some old dried leaves and adding into the gutter then fixing with gloss varnish not forgetting to run some out of the shoe. Next back to inside detail for the workbench, the window above this is now glazed with a cut up CD case and weathered with a wash of grimy black that was allowed to run down the glazing for rain streaks.
  6. He did a double take and asked his chippy what he thought
  7. I was carrying out the Monthly emergency light service we do at Cooper Tires in Melksham today and showed the maintenance manager the picture of the fire door.... Asked him if he could spot anything... his only comment to start with was "the bulb is going in the exit box and the whole thing is proberly past it's best, but I am struggling to recognize the location here" When I told him it was a model based on their doors, signs and old light box, he couldn't believe me, until I showed him the whole model
  8. Does it include a chip butty?
  9. Evan better, thought I recognised the driver as a Short Staff person
  10. Look like it's been weathered by someone who studied a S111 Landrover after a heavy day off roading And what's up with the Chimney.... looks odd to me
  11. The brass castings are now to hand for the gutter system, this was something I use to produce fir 16mm as P&J Models and now launching as Uskin... Trial fitted up all the brackets and made up the gutter run, running outlet, stop end along with down pipe and shoe. Next up paint the components and fit to the building, this has been set up so the roof can lift off and locate on the swan neck I have also finished off the EXIT box and fitted a LED that I gave a light wash of brown / yellow to change the appearance to a old expiring filament bulb
  12. Absolutely beautifully done, seamless presentation
  13. Sounds like a Eastcountry Bullied
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