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  1. Or the whole including station will be flattened and turned into a Sainsbury ... with a bus dept regular service to Encombe, the viaduct will be a cycle path...
  2. Is it offering a mobile fitting service and the GWR truck is the waiting area and changing room?
  3. Do have a link for the Little Muddle Parish Council web page ... wonder if they've got a Jackie Weaver
  4. Unmistakable DW, only thing missing is the sound of gulls and the sea...
  5. Looking at the top picture, is that a backscene of Exmouth taken from The Warren?
  6. That middle one looks like it's about to pour with rain soon, typically Mid Devon, very good
  7. Just an observation, and in no way a criticism but where the railcar and steam engines wait should really have oily grungy ballast as all these drip hot oil, coal dust, ash etc onto the ballast, for a while I've puzzled over this thinking something was missing...
  8. Hopefully my pics of Exhill all taken are acceptable - to put these in their context these where all taken back when I had a layout in 1982/3, long since gone, these where taken with a Pentax MTL3 and close up lens ring, multiple flash and diffusers all pre digital so no editing on a PC apart from tweaking now on my phone... in those days the USA was leading the way with excellant photos in Model Railroader, Kadee couplings which I had to get direct from the states... My point is to show what was Realistic Modeling then...
  9. One of those card index systems... with dog eared corners and Manila index card separates? All held in place with a big elastic band ?
  10. Dart Castings Reliant 3 wheeler van - another one from the archive 1983...
  11. That's not one of Mr Wolf catheter extensions is it
  12. That's what this topic is all about , very neat
  13. Nicely done... reminds me of pictures of Horton Road ... love the 82'
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