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  1. Although there is still some work to do, I've now built this kit. Its been a pleasure to build and any painting or other constructional defects are entirely my fault. I shall be buying some of the other kits as my layout is supposed to be an an industrial city which needs lots of warehouses etc. David
  2. Oops, just realised that its April and not March ! Should be 23/4 and 25/4 ! I guess the point was that it arrived very quickly and I'm delighted with the kit ! David
  3. I went on to this excellent website on Thursday (23/3) and a parcel arrived this morning (25/3). First class packaging (worth the cost alone !), great instructions and I love the look of the kit. I must say I'm very impressed and, quite frankly, at twice the cost this kit would still be a bargain. I shall build it this afternoon. Keep up the good work, David
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