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  1. cages_cage

    2021 hopes

    I'd bet a lot of money on Hornby announcing a Mk1 RB in WR chocolate/cream.... unless I am mistaken, and they never ran in that livery!
  2. Finding the NEM Kadee with the best fit will vary greatly depending on each piece of stock and how tight the layout's curves are. #19 Long Kadees are a fairly safe option on locos and wagons; it is also a safe bet to use #18 Mediums Kadees on typical 4-wheel wagons. #20 Extra-Long Kadees are only a good choice on stock where the NEM pocket is far back. Of important note: quite a few Heljan and Bachmann items do not have the NEM pocket at the correct height: a method to get the Kadee at the correct height must be used (e.g. moving the NEM pocket down, gluing the NEM Kadee to the und
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