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  1. I have contacted Heljan and they said that their motors need robust decoders such as ESU. I was told to use ESU. They said cheaper decoders cannot handle the load of the motor on this locomotive. So far the decoders used were digitrax and a couple of Dapol Imperiums
  2. Thanks for the very eye opening information. I have lifted the PCB which is mildly stuck onto a black plastic surface. I have added a layer of insulation tape just in case. The underside of the pins does not show any soldering overlaps. Pins 1 and 22 do not seem to be shorted. The motor pins 19 and 18 have a suitable resistance between them. All seems very normal. The problem is that to test any further would run me the risk of blowing more decoders. I am getting resigned to the fact that this is destined to become a DC only loco.
  3. It is also surprising to me that this would happen on the programming track, but it did during the programming of the third blown decoder. And the locomotive did move forward as well. It moved significantly. However I have tested other locomotives and decoders on the programming track and all is normal so I don’t believe there is something wrong in the programming track.
  4. Yes, with the blanking plug removed there is no continuity from the track or wheels to the motor connections whether bogies are straight or pivoted ...
  5. Make it three decoders. It has fried a third one on the programming track. I decided to try one more. Still operates fine with the blanking chip in DC mode though. Current draw in DC mode is 300 mA tops. the metal chassis is not electrically connected to the rails. DSO does not show any abnormal wave pattern. I will try to ask Heljan for help before burning any more decoders.
  6. You’re right . but I get a message of ‘writing is completed OK’ on the controller. All the loco lights flash during the writing job.
  7. Yes tried this in another loco reading doesn’t work all values are zero. Writing works.
  8. Programming the decoder works okay. When it is read then all values are zero. Does this indicate a damaged decoder or bad contacts? furthermore when resetting the CV 8 to 8 the controller says ‘no decoder ACK pulse!’ does this mean that the decoder is RIP?
  9. I have tried to read the decoder and all is reset to zero. I tried to reprogram and that works. Then on the main track no response. Then back onto the programming track reading reports zero again. This means that the decoder resets itself when on the main track.
  10. Hi, perhaps that particular decoder was bad, but then why did the DPU also disable my imperium? The loco runs fine on DC, but there is a bit of a hissing sound as is to be expected... No, it doesn't run hot on DC.
  11. I used a digitrax 166 decoder on my new Heljan 128 DPU and the decoder burnt. The locomotive still runs fine on DC though. I tried with a Dapol Imperium and that too became unresponsive although there was no burning. Both decoders are not accessible on the programming track indicating that they have failed. Am I using decoders that are not suitable for this locomotive? What sort of current does this locomotive draw? In the picture the burnt hole is visible.
  12. Hi I have received a new class 33. I have installed a DCC decoder (8pin gaugemaster) does this model have red tail lights or is my decoder installed the wrong way round? thanks...
  13. Hi Friends I have recently Purchased a Dapol Class 29 to which I fitted a Dapol Imperium 21-pin decoder...the locomotive was running well for a week or two but now it has developed a problem. While running it stops and the lights remain on but at half intensity. A faint sound is heard from the motor. Nudging it sometimes causes it to move again but then it stops at another location... i have tried covering the decoder with insulation tape lest there is some Unwanted contact With the main board but this has not solved the issue. The decoder fits snuggly on to the pins.
  14. I have some Trix mfx equipped locomotives and the sound on off is controlled by F2. However, the function only works as a single press. That is if one wants to leave the sound on (the puff puff for steam engines) one needs to keep one’s finger on the ‘2‘ button ... I wonder if this can be solved during CV programming. MFX decoders Auto program themselves when linked with a Trix mobile station. This is not so with the zephyr. CV29 value is 34.
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