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  1. The Visitor's Centre isn't opening yet, just the shop. The cafe and Visitor's Centre will hopefully follow, if it goes well for them. I am going to the shop on Friday, to pick up some things I ordered before the world turned upside down!
  2. Knowing who they have hired, I am looking forward to seeing where they go in the future!
  3. Worth checking that none of the four wires underneath have either broken or just become detached, but still holding on by the coating.
  4. £150 for a J94? I'll have some of whatever they've been sniffing....
  5. Well, number 5 has arrived, and I am pleased to report that it's good. Well done Rails, for your refusal to give up, and finding a good example!
  6. Well, number four has arrived, and.... it's going back again. The running plate hasn't been cast properly, and has a rough patch on one side. Oh, and a lamp iron was missing. Really getting frustrated now.
  7. Still waiting for number 4 to arrive. Hopefully this one will be ok.
  8. Hi all. I would really appreciate some help with this one. I have a Bachmann V1/3, split chassis, where the spring on the rear pony has "died". Bachmann sent me two replacements, but they are too short. Either with the old spring, or one of the new ones, the rear pony wheels spend half their time catching on the "cab floor" chassis section, and the noise is horrible! Does anyone have any idea where I could get a spring that was strong enough and long enough, or better still, a source of a bunch of springs of approximately the right size for various engines? Thanks.
  9. Thanks Bear. I already have the Hornby KESR version, but I wanted the Rails one as it is an A1. I have to admit, my patience is wearing thin though.
  10. Well, my third "Bodiam" has arrived!.... and will be going straight back tomorrow. This one has managed, somehow, to be worse than the other two, with three separate faults. I asked Rails, when I returned the last one, to look at this one for me, but it was unopened in the box. I know that, with their size of trade, you can't inspect every single item. That's just not practical. But I really am hoping someone takes a look at the next one before they send it!
  11. My replacement "Bodiam" arrived, after I returned the cosmetically damaged one. I checked this one and.... it's on it's way back again, with cosmetic damage....
  12. Thanks. I'll have a look under the loco later.
  13. Hi All. This is probably an extremely daft question, but does anyone know how to get the body off a Bachmann Class 55? I have got one that sounds like a cement mixer, so clearly needs a service! Thanks.
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