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  1. You should know. After all, you know exactly where the blame lies....
  2. We had this discussion on another thread. It seems that, whenever pre-orders are cancelled, it's the same two retailers that are mentioned. I don't think that can be coincidence....
  3. The next two weeks are looking distinctly blue....
  4. I would have thought, if you were modelling the KESR and all the sharp curves that entails, you'd want all the side float you could get!
  5. While it doesn't prove anything, I can't help but note how few people seem to get cancellation emails from Derails, Kernow, AC Models, etc, etc. Whenever a rash of cancellations happen, it always seems to be the same two retailers. Whether that is coincidence or not, I avoid buying from both now, just in case.
  6. Don't Hornby advise that the flanged wheelset is meant to be for display only, and shouldn't be used when the loco is run?
  7. Just suppose for a second that Hattons want 100, and request 100 from Hornby. They put the item on sale, and all 100 sell out to pre-orders. Hornby then advise them that their allocation will actually be 80, due to demand (letting everyone get a fair share). Hattons, in all good faith, have taken orders, but perhaps should have waited until their allocation was confirmed? Thing is, if they do that, they risk losing out on sales to people who haven't waited! I don't think it's easy for either party.
  8. Glad I got my order in, then! I was still debating whether to order or not as I pressed the button to pay!
  9. Contact Hornby, they have the two parts you need, and will send them to you FOC. It is usually only the motor saddle and the rear F bracket that are affected.
  10. Fireline

    2021 hopes

    I can't help wondering if, given the highly ambitious programme for the 100th Anniversary this year, 2021 might be rather more restrained...
  11. I have issues with Bachmann locos, particularly a class 108, that seem to "stutter" when going downhill. I know this isn't necessarily the place, but I would appreciate ideas of what's causing it!
  12. Just praying that the motors aren't coreless, so they don't cough and splutter when running down my gradients!
  13. I paid £6 for my Bachmann 9F, thanks to a lucky purchase on eBay. I think I got my money's worth!
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