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  1. Would there be any downside to say using the grey stone effect on plywood ? Just thinking of spraying the baseboard all over and then adding detail later. Chilly
  2. Until the main track arrives this is all I have but I find it too annoying so Gaugemaster ordered
  3. That is exactly it ! Sending it back would appear not to help as we will be back to square one, it is a feature of them by the looks of things. Is it damaging the loco's like alluded to in the video? It really is annoying is there a cheap alternative that does not do this as I just need it for a a running in track? Chilly Sorry but tagged you in so that you can hear what happens on all loco's.
  4. Every engine (including Gresley) works quietly on a 9v dc battery it is when used with the supplied Hornby controller R7229 that they all buzz, so the controller must be faulty or not fit for purpose. Chilly
  5. Hi Iain Just finished doing them all and they all worked OK with no buzzing whatsoever. I suppose the bright point if there is one is that I got it direct from Hornby, what do I say when I ask them to change it, just that it is faulty? Chilly
  6. Just tried 3 with the 9v battery and the only noise is the wheels/gears moving no buzz at all so that must mean it is the controller. This controller came with the Gresley set is it a case of sending it back? Chilly
  7. All new loco's, I will try the 9 v battery as a test. There is no noise when they are stationary only when the power increases and a buzz starts, I suspect it is the newness and the Hornby controller .... hopefully as it surely can't be a problem with 11 new loco's. Chilly
  8. any date of arrival for the reworked Class 25's? Chilly
  9. Hi RAF96 and Iain All the loco's still DC at the moment and running in on the Gresley set track with the supplied Hornby controller as I read that is what you do before installing the decoder. I am awaiting the track for z21 system and the installation of the Zimo decoder in the loco's. Just wasn't expecting such a buzz ? It does vary per loco but is noticeable. Chilly Ps - Iain we still have the MP1 motor installation and z21 setup to go once the track has arrived so keep your posting diary free
  10. Ah the waiting game, I have an order in for Kings own and Alycidon and this would be a great addition. (Kind of a preserved loco but still running theme going on). Thanks Chilly
  11. Will there be a model of D6700 as preserved in a similar manner to the one for the Kings own in Deltic form? Chilly
  12. Hi All Zimo - MX600R mainly, but there is MX618 (N18) and MX621R in there Cheers Chilly
  13. Every loco a mixture of Hornby and Bachmann all buzz (some louder than others) as the power is increased before they set off, is this normal? The DC controller is the one which came with the Gresley set which states it is 19v and .5A. Will this stop when they get decoders in (z21 system)? Chilly
  14. Received the Gresley loco set last week which enabled me to run all the loco's on the track DC before the main track arrives and they get decoders. All 11 locos' (new and 75/25 split between Hornby/Bachmann) run well forwards and backwards apart the Hornby B1, it starts off then "trips" the Hornby controller that came with Gresley. I had run it for 5-10 minutes last week before this started occurring and this now happens forward or in reverse within 3-4 seconds of being powered. There is nothing obvious underneath which looks clean, it is new has been stored in its box from receiving it , any ideas?? Chilly
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