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  1. Here's an attempt at a Pug-bash. I'm a real beginner so have not worried too much about realism (big compromise being the Hornby 0-4-0 chassis with oversize wheels etc. Does anyone have a recommendation for crew figures for a pug? I have some from the Dapol work-men set but they all seem too tall. The old Hornby figures that come with the Caledonian pug fireman is OK but the seated driver doesn't fit at all!
  2. That looks great and nice bodging for the side door and steps. They are great little kits for the money! Here's my attempt. No effort to be prototypical as its intended for a "Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory" layout I'm doing for my son. I also had a little trouble with the cab. The buffers are indeed a bit "flashy" and end up a bit small may invest in some bigger ones like you have there. What thickness plasticard did you use for the roof? I'd like to replace that.
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