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  1. I'm not sure this is a steam engine. 'Ariel' is the name of a laundry detergent, so I suspect it's an early laundromat.
  2. Is there any chance you might do the same with the Precursor tender engine? My 'Euston-Crewe-Liverpool' project is making slower progress than expected. I have 2 problems. The first is my work style, which is more like a way of toying around with things. I build something, then I don't like it, tear it down & build something else; or I build something here & something there, & then I find out that I can't make it fit together... you get the picture. My 2nd problem: I read too much & watch too many videos. After reading this https://www.world-of-rai
  3. On the other end of Loch tay there is a town named Killin, which for some time had a railway connected to the Caledonian. I have been thinking about a layout around the lake named 'Killin & Dull Railway', Caley or LMS - a railway so dull it's killing you. But with the beautiful landscape it wouldn't be so dull after all. I always wanted to do something Scottish... maybe someday... Slowly my 'Euston to Liverpool' project is making progress. The tracks & stations are now approximately where I want them to be, but there is no scenery, no textures, no nothing. I wil
  4. Awesome. Looking at this beautiful layout & in comparison at what I have achieved so far, makes me want to run away & hide under the sofa. But no, I will carry on. First I had to learn how to use Basemapz. It's a very self-explanatory & user-friendly software, so that didn't take long. Next I had to find out how to handle the many layers created by Basemapz. I had never used layers before. So even if the project turns out to be a total failure, at least I have learned a few useful things. I'm not trying to imitate your work, that would be megalomania.
  5. It looks like Queen Street, 2010 version, kuid2:69518:28201:7. While I was looking for this item, I found a layout named 'Glasgow to Anniesland' & another one 'Anniesland Line' on DLS. Downloading... will check them out later...
  6. I have laid a 72 x 36 grid over the map, to see how the layout might fit into 1 baseboard (or rather, half a baseboard). The resulting platform lengths were 150 meters for Euston, 120 for Liverpool & 110 for Crewe; not enough for a decent main line express train. So if I were to make the layout, I would use 2 baseboards. This would also allow for a little more open track between the stations & mitigate the gradients problem. In Trainz this would still be a small layout, in 0 scale it would be 30m x 15m though...
  7. In Trainz this could be done. The AI drivers are capable of a run-around-train maneuvre, & in case of tender locos, they can decouple the old loco & couple a new one at the other end of the train. What they cannot do, is turn around a loco on a turntable; at least I haven't found out how. This would have to be done by some invisible loopings or triangles or turning stars at the termini. So I can imagine this layout with 3 fiddle yards: 2 small ones at Euston & Liverpool for turning around tender locos & a large one representing the 'rest of the world' (or rather the rest o
  8. She might get underfoot herself, or underpaw. Of course you can judge the technical details much better than I can; I wouldn't be quite as harsh, at least not about his later models. Sadly, you're right... ... but if you hadn't mentioned it, I might have never noticed, because I'm a very superficial observer, & most of the time I watch my trains from a larger distance... ... & from this angle she doesn't look too bad to me. The Claughton is such a beauty, that even a mediocre model is somethi
  9. You are living in New Zealand, whereas I am living in a geographically small & overcrowded country just on the opposite side of the disk... err... globe, in a half-million city; 1 km to the next bank, 1.5 km to the next post office... A few years ago, before I had a paypal account, I made a strange deal with an Irish chess book salesman: I ordered a book by e-mail & paid by sending him a 10€ bank note by mail. 21st century meets 19th century... This one from the DLS, made by knucklesnvector? Maybe it's not perfect, but I liked it as the fla
  10. Great idea. I think, I will go shopping for some locos & coaches, as soon as I find out how to pay. (I don't use credit cards, & paypal has suspended my account, since they want a mobile phone number from me, & I don't have one. I hate mobile phones, never had one, never will. Hey, & you thought, you were oldschool... )
  11. Beautiful. When I first got interested in British steam, I admired Sir Nigel Gresley's famous pacifics. Only later I found out, that Sir William Stanier's creations are well on par, or maybe even slightly superior; just a matter of taste, I guess. My current project 'Exley Castle' has a mixed bag of BR locos from all 4 regions, which I know is totally unrealistic, but I don't mind. It's meant to be a toy railway for a kid, & the kid is me. But now that I see this, I feel like backdating it some 20 years & converting it to a pure LMS layout. I would have to cheat with the a
  12. There you can see, that English is not my native language. 'Embodiment' is what I meant. Also, I'm a bit confused about the grasshopper; what does it mean in this context?
  13. In other words, being the impersonation of grumpiness without having to act grumpily? That's a long way to go for me, but I'm working on it...
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