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  1. Is there any rumours yet of a tpe livery from Kato? when do they usually publish their product line for forthcoming year? Thanks
  2. Haha I did actually. But i found very little in the way of modelling!! Ah I see. So that’s how proportionally it doesn’t matter if the throw of the lever is longer than the throw of the point. Thank you
  3. Oh that’s good news, you always worried that these things become lost over time. I just think it’s the perfect staging area for so many varieties of trains. Fingers crossed we get to see any updates or even see it again at a show! Thanks
  4. Hi Geoff, I’ve been following the story of cross street for years. Wondering what ever happened to it? And Whether it might be for sale somewhere else and how it’s looking these days? Looking forward to an update. David
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