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  1. Thank you, it’s getting there slowly, the longer than usual delivery times are slowing progress a little
  2. Time for another little update
  3. Here’s another small update
  4. Here’s a small update on my station it’s getting there, just waiting for my sister to finish CADing the doors and windows for me then I can get them printed and then I’m mostly there with the station building
  5. Evening all, after a long break from the hobby I’ve started to come back to it (something good to have come out of lockdown) I’ve decided to build myself a small ish layout in my loft. The track plan is loosely based on a mirror image of hawkhurst, the station building is based on Lyminge station with a couple subtle changes, but would fit as any non descript SECR clapboard station building. I hope you enjoy looking I’ll try to update as and when I can
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