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  1. Great stuff all! Wonder if there are brewery/garage fanatics' sites that get side-tracked into train talk? A learning curve here & no mistake, with bonus that I learn loads about railways too!
  2. Possibly to do with size of barrel. I can(could!!) lift a 9 gallon & place on top of another, but the things that Nearholmer pictured could only be rolled (unless it's pics of empties!). Would hate to be a drayman back then. Er..Hogsheads? Firkins? Tuns? Should know all this!
  3. A Fistful Of Travellers Cheques ??? Had a bit of similar in Germany when young. 3 of us pushing car up a hill to some bloke's place where he poured us petrol out of a (yep!) Jerrycan. Yes, why didn't we walk it up there and walk back with the can. Maybe his revenge for Hamburg. Dunno.
  4. Lordy so they did!! Thanks. God knows what those barrels must've held. I love to stand corrected!
  5. re "Loaded as for beer".. I've had the ill luck to work in the pub trade for a while and barrels (kegs now) are/were kept upright in transit, max stacking 2. When the boozers reopen look at the dray when it comes, ditto the old pictures of horse drawn drays round the walls. I've got a (offstage) small brewery on the layout. Just an excuse to have a bit of extra goods yard traffic. Looked at the ins n outs elsewhere on here & found that beer barrels often went in vent-vans or even old cattle wagons. Seemed a good idea as I don't then have to swap full>empty open wagons each cycle
  6. Modelling a 30s BLT. Small town/large village, middle of nowhere up north. I'm wondering how petrol would have been brought in. Research so far tells me that the place is too small to justify a garage with new fangled pumps. Probably only 4-5 car owners in the whole place plus maybe a couple of lorry owners. I've read that petrol was commonly sold at hardware shops (&chemists!) in 2 gallon cans. So.... i) does the above sound about right? If so.. ii) how was said petrol delivered to the goods yard? Already in cans on wagon? iii) what regs about where in a stopping goods sai
  7. Excellent song! Knew a sheepdog (re-homed) who'd been sacked. Got the sheep into the pen ok every time but followed them in & stood in the middle grinning. Having a laugh with his wooly mates.
  8. Who makes the best 0-0 animals? I'm after: -Cat at rest -Dog ditto* -Sheep (suitable for cattle dock tenants) They all look great in the pics online but which products disappoint/amaze when received? *Once saw an ad for "risque" figures in the back of a mag. Any ideas? I'd love a cameo of dog licking the bits that dogs do while observed by distainful cat atop wall.
  9. Friend of mine was a short-trousered train spotter in 40s/50s (&still with us!!). Travelled about as a kid cos of his dad's job & saw much. Ask him about liveries & he'll say "Everything was black. Some were reddish black, some greenish black, but black".
  10. I've always gone for figures being static ie leaning on post, sitting on bench, dog asleep not running, otherwise it all looks like the Pompeii museum. Figures: the old Airfix range is useful, and made of soft plastic. Example: US Civil War Union infantry gave me multiple footplate crew. Scalpel down the hat into a railman's cap, chop off rucksack/gun etc et voila. For poses it's a hot nail to bend limbs & torsoes. I once turned a Subbuteo goalkeeper into Jose Mourinho, suit n tie, tearing his hair out doing that^.
  11. Thankyou Johnster et al for mentioning seasonal blossoms Going to have to read Countryside Diary in the paper now. Last time I did trees I was ok with pulling apart domestic 3core wire as mentioned above. Limbs & roots ready made. Ok, every 2nd one was so **** it was discarded, but hey, never throw out a little piece of wire. Foliage was from dried out scraped moss which comes ready multi coloured. And don't forget the green mould on the north(?) side of the trunk.
  12. Not tried it on Peco sleepers but works on other plastic: pin/nail in pliers, hold over lighter/candle. Insulated thumb needed to push in (or use end of the lighter). Smelly, you need a few pins, but precision drilling.
  13. And DO NOT be tempted to use the vacated cat litter for ballast/wagon loads/anything other than feline latrine. Once bitten....
  14. Bible's full of hermits to flick through. Is there a handy St.Simons? Think he was the one who lived on top of a pillar.
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