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  1. I cheated and created The Great Dales Railway. An independent concern but operated as a joint line with some LMS services. Really a pretext to have different coloured engines/r.stock. GDR are blue, the odd crimson LMS plus lots of weathered black things. Also I can, as the fattish controller, import locos from anywhere on the basis that GDR picked them up 2nd hand from elsewhere. Scenery etc based on DerbyDales (hence my newfound knowledge of cows & sheep from elsewhere here). A BLT at Dinsdale connecting to junction at Barnestoneworth.* So, as many on here have said, if it looks ok to you then it's ok. And if your mates come round with a few cans so they can be a signalman for an hour all the better. As long as you've got the area "feel" right, eeeeeee Bob's yer mum's brother. *and yes B'worth United played in the Yorkshire Combination. I do know.
  2. Wonder who did the necessary shovel work upon departure? Railway or those who'd (presumably) rented cattle dock space.
  3. Great stuff all. Thanks. Like Nearhomer says half the fun of doing any research on here is getting side-tracked. Might get round to building a railway some time...!
  4. Thanks pH, I did try! But I agree with Ray Von (and how long has it taken me to twig that forum name!) but my "white lines" search only gave me some (very good) ideas on road lining, sadly not relevant to my era. Anyway I've got my answer(s), thanks all. And I've had barbed comments throughout my life, some from being "that prat with the train set". But they all wanted to look at it sooner or later!!
  5. Thanks for info all. Spent lockdown wading through the whole forum and STILL missed the other threads on the subject. D'oh!
  6. When did this become standard? I'm doing late '30s LMS-ish. Photos from the time show that some stations didn't, some did. Ditto the white-washing of the bottom half of poles/posts in the yard. I've heard that both became universal in the WW2 blackout. Another theory is that it was just used anywhere that had rubbish lighting. Mind you, if I keep getting the advert below here that Russian ladies are waiting to meet me the painting might be deferred for a bit.
  7. I've just taken apart a dead old-style telly. A cornucopia of goodies!
  8. Thankyou livestock lovers! Did get a breakthrough on sheep. Seems I need to paint off-white ones, as Roja said, with weird black n white faces. They look like Welsh collies in disguise. Apropos of which I'm on to sheepdogs next then.... So onward with my cattle education. Wonder if you get udder-counters like rivet-counters?
  9. Modelling 1930s Derbyshire Dales or thereabouts. Got lots of info online about general look of the area , even a very nice lady from one council whose grandad was LMS. But no-one could say what the sheep and cows looked like back then. So... Has anyone ever found a site that'd tell me what sheep/cattle were about in different parts of UK prewar? I know that I might get everything else fairly right but don't want to hear "Them cows never came to Britain til.."
  10. (7 yrs pass....) Isopropanol/IPA is excellent, also good for guitar strings btw. And now we've all got access to disposable gloves no more finger-freeze! However you can use this stuff for solder burns or scalpel nicks.
  11. Ok my apology for "welded" remark. But any other ideas of an autotrain welcome.
  12. I'm 0-0 looking for ideas on any autotrain/pull/push/pull other than that GWR thing that everyone sells. Modelling a 30s independent line who'd buy anything from anyone, so pics of weird things appreciated!
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