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  1. I saw a big yellow digger at water eaton bridge whilst driving. I think that they are doing the curbs for the new site entrance.
  2. Anyone seen what they have been doing to the water Eaton road bridge for the EWR?
  3. The road has finally opened after closing in July to opening again back in December, in the new they might re close the road again to replace the bridge.
  4. I heard behind the weldex crane they have a new white crane and piling machine in the site yard where the former telephone rental car park is?
  5. Any updates today. I see that there was a white crane next to the big yellow and red weldex crane
  6. What have they been doing recently at the Bletchley Flyover Demolition site?
  7. Buckingham Road will reopen on 17th December according to the sign where the site of the old Enigma Tavern is.
  8. Wow! They nearly completed demolishing pier 28. I wonder when they will demolish the supports on the main line?
  9. The crane has its crane arm extended higher so they must be lifting something heavy as I saw this afternoon but unfortunately I don’t have no pictures.
  10. I just seen that they are taking down the weldex yellow and red crane down. Most probably finished using it.
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