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  1. That looks amazing Zomboid. I really am spoilt for choice now as there are so many different plans but they all do what I want!
  2. Wow Phil, this is incredible! Exactly what I was looking for and gets everything in. How do you do it?!
  3. Thanks David. Throats have always been my problem in trying to make sure that I get access to platforms that I need to get access to. This is very informative on how to design a throat and the practicalities.
  4. This looks like a very promising possibility! Thanks, I'll see what I can do to make it work.
  5. Would this cause a potential problem with length of train and/or pointwork being on a curve?
  6. More creative stuff! Do you know what was the major traffic in the Manchester area was at the time?
  7. Thanks Phil, this makes sense. I feared I might be doing that. Is there a way of increasing the fiddle yard capacity whilst keeping the length of the roads? What are the differences between the two in terms of railway stuff?
  8. Yes I used streamline. The reason I moved it was because I wanted the parcels and goods to use the loop as well so I put it closer to them. Ah good point! I'll remove the coal staithe. Do you think I should put like a small dairy siding there instead of a goods shed? Would that be a bit more protoypical?
  9. Hi guys, Here is my attempt at the plan. I wonder if you could point any flaws out with it as I'm sure there are some! Grey - 5 Road Traverser capable of 4 coaches and a pacific Olive - Running lines (scenic break of a bridge half way round the bend) White - Station throat Pink - Locomotive facilities Orange - Carriage/spare stock sidings capable of 5 coaches Blue - Express platforms capable of 4 coaches and a pacific Green - Suburban platforms capable of 3 coaches and a tank (runaround only 2 coaches) Red - Goods/Parcels sidings using
  10. Thanks to everyone for their help! The plans people are coming up with are superb and I'm almost spoilt for choice! I like the idea of Zomboid's redesign of Seironim which incorporates much of what I was looking for. I will have a play around with the design. That is very impressive in 8ft David! Also looks cheaper in terms of pointwork as we all know how expensive slips are these days but for realism I don't mind buying one haha
  11. Ah minories! Funny how we always come back to that haha. Yes minories has been a thought although I would like to know how to add a fourth platform face which can still access both running lines. I will definitely have a look. Yes all my stock is RTR and all have proven they can take 2nd radius and even most 1st radius so it shouldn't be a problem.
  12. The right so like a backwards r or an upside down L. The focus on the layout is intensive operation with facilities for quick changing locomotives and small freight operation.
  13. I'd be happy with a 4 coach max length train with a 4-6-0. Prepared to compromise as there is a lot there! The effect I'm going for is a busy suburban station with semi fast and locals going in and out all the time with a small goods train every few hours for the local businesses. Almost like an alcove in Manchester or Leeds or Bradford if you get what I mean.
  14. Hi guys, I have an L shaped board built in the spare room. The dimensions are 10ft by 2ft on one side by 7ft by 2ft creating the overall dimensions of 10ft by 8ft. I am modelling in 00 gauge in the 1960s in the Ex-LMS region with Ex-LNER interlopers. I was would like to try and include the following features but I'm struggling to fit it in the space! Am I trying to fit too much into one space or am I just failing to find the balance between it all? 4 platform suburban terminus A small sub shed (+optional turntable) A small goods yard Possible carria
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