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  1. Of course I should have said credit to the original poster of the picture, I just found it by searching around
  2. 56 312 was originally 56 003 and I've seen a photo that seems to be what you're asking for....or were asking for eight years ago ....now all I have to do is work out how to upload the pic.
  3. Do you predict modellers will panic-buy and stockpile axle-box covers for the future? I'm not a real financial advisor, but I predict the smart money should invest in axle-box covers from Hatton's and wait for the value to go up, it could be the only way out of the forthcoming financial crisis
  4. In any case, .....am I correct in thinking that this is an old Hornby 56 like a Dapol one? Because the newer ones have a central motor, not ringfield type, and possibly working roof fans Thanks for any help, I've had nothing to do with model railways for twenty years, and feel like I've been left behind by the DCC revolution, They used to say, "It's a passing phase, it'll never catch on."......now it's all realistic flange-squeal, and cab lights,
  5. Is this why I've seen little kits to upgrade grain of wheat bulb to LED ?
  6. I saw a circuit diagram elsewhere and thought it looked complicated, but your diagram makes more sense ...
  7. Well done Peter, you've identified the cause of this problem and come up with the solution....better than everybody having to return their locos to Hatton's ....... Hatton's should at least give you a couple of free locos of your choice......and they should give me a couple of free locos too for suggesting it Thank you
  8. No a video won't give us the full effect of a sound fitted loco, but it's the next best thing short of meeting up with the OP (The OP has now said there's no sound fitted so it's irrelevant)
  9. Silence came the reply,....... Looks like nobody has an answer, I think you should risk it ...I've got an old Lima Deltic somewhere, can't remember what state it's in as it was one of my first locos and probably the experiment for a lot of things, if memory serves correctly..... I think it's got a good thick coat of paint (like it's been done with a tar-brush, but expensive etched nameplates
  10. Agreed for studying visual detail, ......but if there's DCC with the most accurate sound decoder and speaker combination that anyone has ever heard,......and if we want to see the model moving.....stills won't allow us to fully appreciate it
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