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  1. Hi Mike, sorry should have read N11 -N16 versions GWR. And early BR. I’m building both and want to include both the grooms interior and the horses interior detailing.
  2. Help wanted. I have found some basic plans of horse box interiors but no detailed pictures of how the horses accommodation was built, does any one have details or photos of how the separation screens, cushioning pads, and what looks like fed bowls were built into the wagon. I’m modelling D11 - D16 VERSIONS. Kim
  3. Yes that’s the install I’ve copied from John, but I’ve no control over the lighting. Re set the decoder as John at YouChoos suggested but the lights remain permanently on even when the light function is switched off. Check wires are soldered correctly which they are, I’ve tested the lights on the bench separately and they work correctly. ‘could this be an issue with the mother board ?
  4. Has anyone installed working lamps to their model yet?
  5. Cheers Rob, finished mine today ready for a final clean and a coat of etching primer. I will need to source some decals next.
  6. Great thread and a timely one for me as I’m in the process of building their (M&M models) Flyash Presflo kit. The ribs have been “fun” , lots of cleaning up to do as I chose to solder them all up to the body. Kim
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