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  1. I have a Lima Class 47, it isn't particularly spectacular or eye catching so I thought I'd have a go at some modest improvements. I've added a DCC decoder and connected the motor to it. Removed the Headcodes and added LEDs. Added cab lighting. ...And also drilled for and prepared fibre optics ready for the rear lights. Then there are a couple of other other details such as painting hand rails and wipers.
  2. Very impressive model which seems to have been completed in record time! You should be proud of yourself, well done. I'm not a fan of weathering, I guess its a personal thing as I just don't get. In my mind, my loco's have just left the depot after being through the washer.
  3. I've added some more detail, electric flashes and a littel bit of paint! I've actually painted some of the inside of the cab area white to give it a bit of internal reflection from the cab light. I'm probably now at the limit of what can be improved given the level of detail of the original model and my own abilities. I still haven't decided how to tackle the rear steps. Tell you what, its got great low speed running, its been happily crawling around a less than perfect loop for the past hour. I think its helped giving it a bit of high speed running first.
  4. Which bits were you thinking of? The large logo will look very impressive in 7mm scale I think. Could you please tell me what colour you have used for the electrical connector? I have some older Lima loco's which could do with a coat.
  5. I have a few 56's but they are all OO gauge, I haven't come across an O gauge version from any of the main manufacturers (I have now seen Dougal's thread). However, I have noticed that Heljan are due to release a 56 model early next year. Looks an interesting project, especially the 'provision for a smoke unit'. https://www.hattons.co.uk/newsdetail.aspx?id=597
  6. I'm a bit confused? You've used a bag of OO ballast and then formed it into a mound using PVA glue? I'm guessing that isn't the final colour? Thanks.
  7. Hi, Could you please tell me who the manufacturer of the '56 is? Thanks.
  8. Great thread Dougal, please keep the picture updates coming. Have you decided on a livery? BR blue with large logo everyday for me with the Class 56.
  9. So the only solution for the lighting to be fully authentic is to use four outputs for the four LEDs. For me it would mean losing my cab lighting function as its only a four function controller.
  10. HaHa! looks almost identical to my workbench, cutting board, crocodile clamps, brushes etc. even a shunter in the background! A couple of questions, was this loco factory fitted with two motors or have you added the second? Also I'm very interested in how you are going to backlight the headcodes, have you bought replacement units? I have a couple of Lima Deltics which have painted on headcodes and I'd like to backlight them but haven't decided how to do it yet. Thanks.
  11. I think this has turned out to be a much neater installation than the previous 56, soldering the 1206 resistors wasn't too bad after all. I like the Plux22 breakout connector, much easier to bring all the wires in as there are now 11 wires including the stay alive circuit. I'm not sure the stay alive is working very well, it measures 13v but then drops rapidly to like 2.5v within a second. However during installation a strange thing happened, I had a brand new unopened packet of 10000uF caps, took one out and fitted it. I've noticed since that the remaining capacitors are all marked as 1000uF
  12. Not sure I understand? Is the loco pushing a train, so you want the head lights off and the tail lights on? Is it a four function decoder? If so, I think its doable.
  13. Wow, these 1206 LEDs are bright! I thought I'd use the current Hornby model as a reference guide for the resistor sizing. The first three pictures are show the brightness with a 4.7K, the second three with 10K, there isn't a discernible difference. I'll probably go 5.6K, as I have some 1206 smd's. I can always dim this with the light effect code, it works really well with my converted Lima Class 09.
  14. So after fitted LEDs to one end, I been checking the look and sizing up the resistors. There seems to be some light bleed from the front lights into the red lenses even with 10K resistors, I think they are probably OK for brightness, as are the red LEDs with 10Ks. I might need to paint around the bleed area, its a good job I left the masking tape on! I haven't tested the cab light yet, but I'm assuming at least a 10K for that one. I've also bought some 1206 smd resistors, so soldering them should be a good laugh! I have to say that the Class 56 looks really good in this large logo livery, prob
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