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  1. I did manage to get a really good deal on my loco, but it is an expensive bit of kit to be modifying and I'm not sure I'd be as ambitious for now. You've mentioned about the handrails and I do feel that the detailing is quite flimsy, those hooks on the bogie just underneath the buffers always seem to snap off and the bogie pipework detail pops off if you pick it up with your fingers in the wrong place. Its a bit heart in mouth when handling it and you need to be careful not to damage it. The lighting connectors are a bit iffy and I've noticed very slight bodywork defects where the screw studs
  2. Nice to see the 56 in the large logo livery, would have liked one last year but had to settle for 56 108 in RF livery, but it is a fantastic model in terms of detail and electrical drive systems. There is however a lack of provisioning from a DCC point of view. It doesn't have cab lights or the ability to switch off the rear lights for when its pulling a load, there is also a lack of space for fitting a sound decoder and speaker. I find Hornby's decision to stick with an 8 pin socket very odd and immediately limits the DCC functionality that can be controlled, perhaps thats why we only get fro
  3. I'm sure I saw 47593 at Crewe on Monday?
  4. I think it would make a nice DCC project, sound might be a problem but I'm sure lights could be added.
  5. I've seen this:- https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/br-bagnall-0-4-0dh-01426-era-7.html But I don't understand what it is? It appears to be numbered as a class 01 but it doesn't look like one?
  6. I'm not sure there has been any criticism of the actual product on here. I have questioned the pricing, which has now been clearly explained to me which I accept the answer. I also appreciate that my questions were due to a lack of knowledge but I'm here to learn. I also think that a lot of other forum members are here to learn too and are genuinely interested in how these things work. Just because people question things, especially within this sort of media does not make it a criticism and I really wouldn't be too sensitive about it if I were you.
  7. Thanks that's a really good post and its prompted further reading for me. It is interesting to read BEMF described as closed loop control for speed control when really the speed has been estimated from the BEMF. True closed loop speed control would use speed measurement too, obviously not very practical for these applications. I can see why the BEMF loops would fight each other, I've read that perhaps tuning could improve this but to me it feels like you are chasing the wrong parameter (speed). Once you've carried out 'speed profiling' do you ever have to revisit it for I don't kno
  8. That's right Baz 'am' not were. You seem to have got the hump for some reason.
  9. So how would that work if you buy the Analog DC version of this DMU, given that it is designed with two motors? Would you expect the motors and gears to match?
  10. I think you make a fair point, I haven't seen either in the flesh but from what I have seen, the Realtrack model is infintely better than the Hornby model. I could be mistaken but it looks like they've used the Lima tooling to me, so Hornby are indeed offering a budget model. You have also mentioned different price points for your models and people could enter at the non DCC price point. If they were then looking to add the sound, say six months later, would the units need to be returned to the factory or could the cards be sent out?
  11. It's been a tough year, I've lost a few family members to cancer, worst of all my mam. Other family members are also battling cancer and may not have long left. My missus has today just tested postive for covid and I'm awaiting my results, we're both worried about our remaining elderly parents who have been ill too. So yes, its been quite a stressful year all told. However the lockdown did give me the opportunity to finally clear out my loft and I found my old Lima and Hornby sets, it reintroduced me to the hobby after many years away from it. Reading about the hobby and working on
  12. The issue here is having to pay twice for the sound decoder and no compromise is being offered, so its £180 for two sound chips with the files that contain the IP, when one is arguably redundant. Compare that number to something like the Hornby Class 43 TTS sound decoder pair for say £60. The two sound decoders for the 43's make more sense because the cars at either end of a (long) train, whereas these cars are next to each other here. I get that a lot of hard work is involved in creating the sound files and doing the synchronisation etc. and quite rightly people expect to get paid
  13. Yeah we discussed this in the 'Consist' thread including matching sound/no sound. I wanted to consist two identical locos with identical decoders and guess what, their speeds were slightly different so needed matching. You'd hope these would be better matched, so should be more straight forward.
  14. Why do you need a 'pair'? Couldn't you fit a single sound decoder in the leading car and a multi function one in the trailer? I've seen the LOKSOUND V5 class 156 for £93 and a Zimo MX638D for £20. Look I'm not trying to have a go at you, but I am becoming disillusioned with the hobby because of the prices we are having to pay nowadays.
  15. Well that was a bit nerve wracking! So I put a small screwdriver at the top of the cab wall and turned it in order to break the glue seal at each side of the joining point with the glazing unit. Despite the cab removed the galzing unit still wouldn't come out until I prized the windscreen from the front frame using a screwdriver again. Phew! On with the painting the inside now to prevent light bleed when the lighting is fitted. Its the large logo version and I have to say that despite its age, this is a really nice model. Thanks for the replies.
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