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  1. Will the Flatbed joiners SL-710FB fit Bullhead track?
  2. I like the idea of a breeze block wall as a foundation and I did wonder about fixing the track to it, so its good to hear that you are happy with pins. I generally prefer screws for fixing most things but breeze blocks don't tend to accept rawl plugs very well. I used to design vehicle electrical systems and volt drop could be an issue on larger vehicles which is the main reason why lorries have 24v systems. I often wonder about this with larger layouts especially with DC, I'd imagine less so with DCC. What size cable have you used for the track wire? Also do you have figures in terms of the total length of the layout, I used to rely on a Ford spec as a guide to cable sizing. Its great to see the BR blue era being modelled in O gauge, they look so realistic.
  3. That looks the business, are those Turbot's carrying the beer bottle's? Nice loco too! In terms of control, I already use DCC systems which can be controlled remotely from an Android phone.
  4. Good morning all, Noting that some O gauge products are now within my budget, I finally took the plunge and purchased my first O gauge loco, this one:- https://www.Dapol.co.uk/7D-008-011-O-Gauge-Class-08-Blue-08173-no-ladder I'm really pleased with it and I think it will be ideal for the light shunting duties I have planned. I'd like to run it on a garden layout and have some ideas in my head but I'm not sure how feasible they are. I haven't drawn up any sketches yet but in essence I'd like to move cans of beer and fish food from my bottom patio up to the top patio to deliver the beer and then on to my garden pond to deliver and hopefully off load the pond pellets. I'm wondering what sort of rolling stock would be appropriate, I guess some sort of flat beds for cans of beers? For the fish pellets, I'm thinking about a hopper, I've seen older one's with manual tipping capability. Is it possible to motorise these mechanism's and add DCC control? The other issue is that I haven't been able to get any Peco track, should I go Bullhead or Flatbed? Also I've read that the bullhead can be joined with SL-10 joiners as used on OO gauge - is that correct? Thanks in advance.
  5. A question to the forum. I assume that a few on here have placed orders for the forthcoming release of the Hornby version of the 56. Are you going to cancel in lieu of one of these or go for both of them?
  6. ...And they will sell too! A very popular loco, even the older Mainline one's have a decent level of detail for their age and run well. I have three of the older one's coverted to DCC and fitted with LED lighting and they still look the part. I'm amazed really that no other manufacturers have entered this market until now given how popular they are. Iconic in my eyes.
  7. I notice that the models will have electrically operated roof fans? 'Separately motor operated roof fans via a function output on DCC, or when moving' Is this a unique feature for an OO scale model? I can't think of another and it is something I've always wondered why it isn't more common given the technology available nowadays. Its great to see a 21 pin DCC socket too, the whole project looks extremely impressive if I'm honest.
  8. It would be nice to have an idea of dates from a plnning point of view.
  9. It would be very interesting if this gets to market on or before the Hornby version who are currently expecting 'Winter 21/22'.
  10. Why not fit a Doctor Who figure as the driver? The theme would be that he was bringing a 66 back in time to visit the residents of SMS and protect them from a potential cyber man attack.
  11. Are you going to invest in a 66 when it becomes available Andy? Looks a really good price. I haven't been a massive fan of it in the past but I must admit that it is growing on me, especially in that large logo livery.
  12. Yeah I love Snowdonia, I'm normally a regular visitor so I'm really missing it at the moment. I've always wanted to go to the Mac Loop, but never got around to it. Its a shame you can't see the Tornado blasting through there pulling serious 'G's anymore. I worked on the Tornado or 'Tonka' as we used to know it for twelve years, a fantastic aircraft. I think that the last time I saw them flying might have been the final fly pasts see in the video below. Just to keep on topic, there is also a steam loco in the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4xwOQ7hMr0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLAHWCTygrE
  13. The takaway of that Dapol 08 is very smooth and it crawls along very nicely. I notice that it is displaying all six lights, the so called 'shunting' mode. What other lighting modes does it offer? There is something a little steam-esk about an 08 shunter with its whistle and coupling rods.
  14. Nice model, although I'm not too sure about the paintwork. Difficult to tell from the picture, but it looks like there are four driving wheels there? I was expecting six. Is the other bogie motorised too? Thanks
  15. My problem is that I never read the manual, I think I do it just to wind up the missus and its become instinctive now! Anyway, they say run it at half speed for half an hour in both directions. The areas indicated in the manual don't look obviously dry to me. However I was surprised to see the underside of the pcb which seems to have some oil splashes from the drive shaft, I hope this isn't going to cause an issue in the future. The detailing on this model is fantastic and I love the build quality, it doesn't feel like bits are going to fall off when you pick it up like some of the high detail Hornby models. The speaker has decent volume and there is an impressive list of DCC functions. I think £275 with factory fitted sound and delivery was a bargain, I'm really pleased with it.
  16. Wow, big shock, must have been a really tough decision. I've enjoyed following thread, mostly as a lurker and will miss it.
  17. Why would prices constantly have to go up? Many manufactured goods actually reduce in price, certainly in real terms whilst the quality improves. The future O gauge Dapol Class 66 retails between £276 (DC) and £302 (DCC) with the large retailers, less than half that of Heljan. A spokesman from Dapol was quoted as saying that the O gauge price doesn't have to be twice or three times that of a product half or a third of the scale. The Dapol 66s all come prenumbered, so perhaps the comment about 'never supplied with numbers' might be considered outdated. I'm not getting at you, just pointing out a fair comparison based on the current market to add some context.
  18. Yes that's a reasonable description, it sounds like the gears to me. It does sound better after running it for an hour at medium speed, although I haven't been paying full attention. Despite it being brand new, I'm not assuming it doesn't need oiling as I don't know how long its been in stock. I've read the manual about checking inside the bogies to see if it looks 'dry' but I don't really know where I am to look or what to look for? How would I know if it needs oiling? Thanks
  19. Probably the minimum one should expect given the huge retail prices being quoted. I understand that the units are not being supplied with numbering or a DCC decoder, so they will be at extra cost.
  20. Exactly the same thing happened to me recently with another retailer, with whom I had placed a Bachmann Pre-order. It was explained that the error was down to a problem with the Bachmann system. At the moment I'm inclined to believe the retailer but time will tell whether it will ever turn up at any retailer let alone the one I've chosen.
  21. Received mine this morning, its very nice. I've been working today, so just had it on a test track in the background running in at various speeds. I turned the sound off so that I could listen to it run properly and it sounds a little noisy to me at top speed. Is that to be expected with this model?
  22. I agree with you that companies have to accept criticsm if they want to improve. It is interesting reading about your comparison between Hornby and Bachmann and they do need to consider the big picture, their job doesn't stop at the point of selling the product, it continues into after sales and support. My recent experience with Hornby was with an excellent model but some question marks over the quality control. I like you, am ex-car industry and if you look at that industry now, total quality is a given for all the manufacturers but that wasn't always the case as it was so expensive to implement. Manufacturers had to go that way to compete with the Japanese, suddenly quality, reliability and eventually reputation overtook brand name and brand loyalty in the priority list of customers. All cars are very well made now and nobody is ashamed of driving a Skoda, Nissan or a Kia nowadays. The differentiators for manufacturers in order to attract customers tend to be things like after sales such a warranties etc in addition to expected quality and reliability. Hornby actually need some healthy competition from the likes of Bachmann to help them improve. In fact more competiton would also be beneficial for the customer, it would be nice to be able to obtain some of their product lines from different manufacturers. One thing that occurs to me reading this thread is that Hornby have chosen specific product line for the Pre-orders, knowing there is a market for it and creating a demand. Years ago they probably would have a had a monopoly on that line e.g. Class 47 but now they have competition for that product. If they are not able to deliver on the products unique to them, it provides an opportunity for other manufacturers to move in as the market demand must clearly be there.
  23. I've found reading this thread really useful and informative and I hope it doesn't get closed. I don't quite understand on what grounds it should be closed anyway? People are entitled to their opinion and I don't think there is anything over the top in here. It would actually concern me more if there was a feeling that reputations should somehow be protected by censoring comments. It wouldn't, reputations are built on customer service history actions, not on a forum.
  24. Is there any updates on this, I have seen a later video of what I assume is a demo model running. I must admit that it looks a little 'square' to my untrained eye. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iT2Zi870-_Q Does anyone know where I can find out the latest updates, Hattons appear to be the best source of information at the moment. The option for a smoke generator would be great. https://www.hattons.co.uk/newsdetail.aspx?id=597
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