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  1. Used to spend alot of time working across the marshlink line in the late 80s early 90s look forward to see how this layout develops.
  2. No but 1122 was brought out in br blue which would be ok for a 1964 - 1975 layout
  3. 33002 has a totally different shade of grey to any of them seen on the right 33047 is on the left
  4. Mine is function 3 for the Bachmann 4tc but for the cep it's function 0&1 for the lights but they have the same type of decoder check all the functions.
  5. Have we all fallen in to the trap here. We are all now talking about him this thread is now six pages long about a guy who runs his trains on a carpet and gives one sided review on models ( how the hattons 66 in not on that worst list is beyond me). How many of us have now gone and watched his videos because of this thread . Proves what he is doing is working he's a crap reviewer but a great influencer which is why the company's love him.
  6. OK Sam we all will say sorry but at the end of the day it's just a opinion ( nice carpet)
  7. Not Intrested in Sam's trains myself it's aimed at kids. I'm also not Intrested in his opinions in what's good or bad as he's views are biast towards the company's who pay him sadly with him it's about subscriptions and views and money not about the models ( just my opinion). I think most modelers just take him with a pinch of salt
  8. Try another decoder I had a issue like that I stripped the loco down and after all that it turned out the chip was defective.
  9. Enamel thinners can remove factory weathering as I did when redoing the rubbish Heljan weathering on 33 012 a before and after
  10. Renumbered a Heljan 33 012 into a loco I think only lima did a version of. I give you 33 052 Ashford Numbers might need to be redone the 52 looks wonky Numbers - from railtec Plates from - fox
  11. Selhurst allocated class 205 and 207s were used on the Clapham Junction - Kensington olympia shuttle service as well
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