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  1. Ah right, I've looked at images of eastern region depots and took inspiration from a couple of different and put them together to get what I've got now
  2. Yeah it will be a BR(E/NE) region based shed
  3. Thank you for your suggestions everyone. I'm busy remodelling with the streamline code 55 points now so will hopefully have a better looking layout later on today. The viewing point if it was to be an exhibition layout would be with the shed at the foreground of the layout The shed is about 9 inches wide, and about 30 inches from the heel of the three way switch to the back of the shed.
  4. Hello everyone, Currently in the design stages of a new project that I've decided to take the plunge on. It's a BR (E/NE) region fictional motive power depot based in the transitional period so it will feature mostly steam traction with a couple of early diesels. I've attached the plan I've drawn up in N Gauge scale below, I would appreciate it if people would take the time to look at my plan and see if there are any improvements/changes that I should think about implementing.
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