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  1. This is a PSA/discussion for the 4th Facebook live on Tuesday the 28th at 7PM. Topics covered will be: The latest news on the Class 92s and IPAs (Plus a first view of the blue groupeCAT quad) News on the next run of Pendolinos Deco samples of the OO gauge Ecofrets Deco samples of the class 320/321 Latest news on the Class A tank wagon and MTV ‘Zander’ stone wagon Plus answering any questions from the general community. (I’m not affiliated with Revolution in any way, however I wanted to make those interested aware in case they missed anything)
  2. Having seen the new groupeCAT blue livery, I was wondering if there was a picture of the model out there anywhere, or if it will be production samples only. If so, I would love to see one as I have changed my order to this. For those who don’t know, here is a drawing of the new livery. According to the website these were repainted just as the N gauge models went into production and an agreement with the factory was reached allowing 200 models of those to be added on with the co-operation of groupeCAT, who bought STVA. Thanks!
  3. Presumably! There are so many amazing aftermarket goods for all manner of models, such as the obliteration patches someone made for Revolution’s Cemex HOAs!
  4. That’s good to hear - however it may be slightly hellish for you and Mike if they all arrive at once!
  5. Once the 92s are completed I guess they will be shipped with the IPAs, as they are (According to press releases) Close to completion too.
  6. Without a Cold War-esque spy inside Grafar, planted by Revolution or Dapol, there really is no way to know, and the ‘Card to chest’ approach really does mean you just don’t know. If Dapol did do a 90 they could have a 3-piece book set with coaches, loco and DVT, which will reduce the price than buying a loco separately from a competing manufacturer. If Graham Farish does a 90 then who knows what liveries can go with it, and maybe their Mk2 DBSO can be painted in ‘One’ colours, as that livery needs more representation in N gauge.
  7. @Jack079 Thanks for the info. @Mike Harvey Thanks also, I will try this out.
  8. Does anyone know what type of coupling the PFA will come with? Debating with myself over ordering due to the fact that the KFA had some coupling issues causing it to decouple and derail constantly. Will these be the kinematic type we have seen on the likes of the IZAs and HOA?
  9. I’m also looking forward to this release, I’m looking to buy the DB management set. I plan to run it in conjunction with my 2 Mk3 Stag sleepers from KMS railtech, with the explanation that DB needed some extra sleeper coaches for a touring trip with some top executives, and leased the 2 mk3s from CS, who sent the 2 stag livery examples to give a good impression to the visiting executives.
  10. I would presume that is due to being more prototypical, something which is almost a legal requirement in exhibitions. I am looking currently for any information regarding TINGS in September in 2020, if that will go ahead, and if Mr. Kato will be in attendance. My favourite livery for the IET/Bi-mode/80X stock would probably TPE/Hull trains, and if we don’t get one livery who knows, maybe the likes of KMS rail tech will commission extra (Keeping in mind the sets for the First Open access scheme in the ECML and the order by Avanti!)
  11. Any livery will do, just the DVT please if possible.
  12. Hi, I’m looking for a set of N gauge Castle Cement wagons (Only 3 please) And I was wondering if there were any offers or ways I could get them cheaper? Thanks
  13. I’m unsure about those myself but I would believe they would be for departmental/charter use. It’s actually Fastline instead of Serco. Doesn’t make much sense to me to offer those as they are very obscure wagons (To the point of people not knowing about their existence) and to offer those instead of a livery like Caledonian Sleeper green is an interesting decision.
  14. A screenshot from Rails Of Sheffield’s announcement this morning - Baffles me why they aren’t offering the current CS teal, as I would happily use it in conjunction with the sleeper Mk5 from revolution
  15. I agree with @njee20, please can all mention of prototype, derail, jargon and anything else to do with arguments just stop. Let’s wait for the announcement tomorrow and then discuss the aftermath.
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