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  1. I’m very interested to see how this model plays out, of course I’ll be rooting for Revolution, especially with a much cheaper pre-order price and superior features. If you can go head to head with Dapol and win, Revolution will become a force to be reckoned with (More so than it already is) I may well place an order for one, and wish Revolution all the best.
  2. I'll ask the person I'm borrowing it from, it is a soldering iron that's been used for model railways, I have got in touch with Brawa to see what they advise, materials-wise. It is impractical for me to send the model to Brawa, due to high import and export costs between the UK and EU. No model shops are open right now so that avenue is closed. I will have to tentatively attempt to do it myself, unfortunately. I will have a second pair of hands to help me, and I am looking for suitable clamps/grips.
  3. Thanks. I'm arranging to borrow a soldering iron and snips from a family member who also models, I will try and get some practice in before soldering the decoder. I have found some Youtube tutorials and am building a list of recommended techniques etc. As always if I need help I will check back here.
  4. Oh, I hadn't noticed this. As you can probably tell I'm new to this, I may try and cancel the return and fit the DCC but I don't have a soldering iron. Will write back when I decide.
  5. I have already packed up the model to be returned, sorry. Brawa's diagram showed a blanking plug and socket, page 5 of the manual - https://www.brawa.de/fileadmin/Produkte/Bedienungsanleitungen_N/personenwagen/65142_Steuerwagen_Bybdtee_MAV.pdf However, my sample is the same as this but no socket, the blanking plate has been soldered directly to the PCB. I have already completed the eBay return of the item and it'll be making its way back to rails of Sheffield from tomorrow.
  6. Update: On checking a manual on Brawa's website it seems that the entire socket has been removed and a blanking plug soldered in its place. I will have to return the model as there is no way it will work with my digital layout.
  7. Hi everyone. At the start of the week I asked about a suitable decoder for a Brawa N gauge cab car. The cab car has now arrived and it appears the blanking plug is soldered to the socket? Brawa haven't provided any useful information in the manual, I have tried to program it just in case but it was clearly analogue so I have kept it off the track. Can anyone help me?
  8. WIMorrison and Steven B, thanks. Could you enclose a link to the NEM651? Thanks.
  9. Thanks. Is that a 'plug and play' decoder or hardwire as I am a novice in DCC conversion.
  10. Hi everyone. I am looking to purchase a Brawa n gauge cab car of the above description. The model has a NEM 651 Interface if that helps. Here is a link to its webpage on Brawa's website: https://www.brawa.de/en/products/n/wagons/passenger-coaches/65142-controlcar-bybdtee-mav/ Thanks in advance.
  11. They've sold out, I believe they are looking in to placing a larger order with the factory.
  12. I would be inclined to think it is one of Revolution's own products, as they have managed to shift both IPAs and KUAs recently - new wagon?
  13. If that's so, perhaps Revolution wouldn't want to do something a mainstream manufacturer could do with (Relative) ease - as they already have the 92 which can pull the sleeper mk 5s, and Dapol's 68 for the TPE coaches, so I would estimate something else. Perhaps a new Multiple unit now that the 320 is in production?
  14. Once again, another Revolution trains Facebook live broadcast will start on Tuesday the first of December 2020, and will bear news of a brand new N gauge model. This facebook live will bring news and announcements which conventionally would have been revealed at Warley.
  15. Revolution's fifth facebook live will be taking place Tonight at 7:30 PM, with the latest news on various projects -
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