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  1. Also, please ignore the loop - its temporary to allow for Christmas running
  2. The first (far left) scenic board has had its track layed - (almost)! generally happy with the finish although the 3rd line needs to be aligned closer and more to the shape of the up and down main lines. This will provide a bit more space for the south London lines to be shifted over a bit to give more space for a station. lastly, the up main line will need to be finished as somehow I’ve managed to run out of fishplates! Poor planning, I think Next, I’m going to cork the main lines and the goods loop by sliding it under section by section - so it keeps its shape, but also is above the south London line and goods yard. thanks, Rohan
  3. Hi Dave, thanks a lot, there is a photo from the britainfromabove website, that shows gauden road, the goods yard and the station, albeit in 1950, perhaps you maybe able to recognise your house from there. https://britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/EAW030135 i am afraid you’ll have to sign up to zoom in, but signing up is free so not too bad. thanks again
  4. Yes I believe so - an excuse for a Britannia! And the Thanet/Kentish belle - so two pullmans
  5. Thanks everyone for your input, i am lucky to have located a wtt for the Chatham lines, apart from the wll, so this should make things a lot easier - a book by xpress publishing “The Kent coast” has been extremely useful. hopefully I can manage to bring myself stop researching and manage to do a lot on the layout this weekend.
  6. Yes - I believe 4 Ceps and beps with the occasional 2hap. Hopefully I can get a good balance between them and steam workings. a bit random, but does anyone by any chance have any photos or knowledge about Clapham signal box, I believe there was one, but haven’t found anything else about it ? thanks, and hopefully track for first board should be nearing completion by tomorrow.
  7. Thanks a lot oldddudders - your clearly a lot more knowledgeable than me ! I think, due to many photos I have seen, that the wll extension that ran to hither green passed through Clapham station, so that gives me a chance to run a great variety of stock including summer specials such as from Leicester as well as goods from Willesden, temple mills etc. it would appear, thanks to your knowledge that on the sll half there was really only therefore 2 epbs running and earlier 2sl s - so I might just set up a regular shuttle of 2 epbs or even 2-sl s if i can bring myself to kit build one, thus freeing up space in the fiddle yard. The plan was to have on the Lcdr lines the usual passage of ramsgate expresses, boat trains and freight from the wll, and on the sll a small freight service with a 2epb. I guess a shuttle is now sounding a bit inviting to me thanks, and now I’ll have to research how early the Stratford LIFT to hither green continental was running
  8. Also don’t know why, if I thought it was there I didn’t include it in my track plan, saves a lot of track work on the curve though
  9. hi oldddudders, i believe, but am not an expert here, that Voltaire road junction is the crossover between the sll and the Chatham lines, but please correct me if I’m wrong. I was thinking anywhere between early 50s and early 60s ( just so I can run a class 71 and br ferry vans ) - I had previously thought that Voltaire road junction had been there at this time due to the few photos I had seen of the signals. I believe there is a photo on wikimedia - link below - that shows a signal with what I believe to be a left hand junction arm on the up lcdr. Maybe I’m being stupid or I have missed something, but do you know what this would be for then - possibly all the way down at factory junction ? now thinking about it the signal could not have referred to Voltaire road junction - in the meantime I’ll change the signal at the up sll platform to just a start signal - will save a lot of work later thanks a lot, Rohan https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Clapham_(South_London_Line)_station_geograph-2682217-by-Ben-Brooksbank.jpg
  10. Here’s the start of the track work, sorry for the very messy and crammed board, this is the far left board in my track plan
  11. Also spray painted the roofs of some br 20ton ferry vans, also 3 of the 5 were not in the correct livery and will need repainting, and all need either vacuum pipes or air pipes fitted, can’t remember which now
  12. Just finished transfers for the fs ferry vans - now just 3 more to go! Very happy with one side, however the other is not quite so good, maybe I’ll just have run it one way around. Although the transfers show, as per the prototype picture I have found, the wagon will be weathered semi-gloss (ex-works) so hopefully this doesn’t show up to much.
  13. Wow - the layout is looking great - no doubt you’ll get to run long summer expresses when all becomes fully operational - keep up the good work.
  14. Hi all, I’m afraid I’m very new to rmweb- so please tell me if I’m doing anything wrong but I thought it might be a good idea o just record things as I go along while building my layout. Also to share ideas and hopefully get some help - I might need a lot of it . so far I have started to lay down the track in accordance to the plan that is hopefully attached. i am afraid due to the size of the room I have had to make some compromise - so that the layout is (hopefully) recognisable as the station and yard, but is not precisely accurate. The two major changes I have made are the two double points (one with a long crossing) in the middle for extra operational interest, and the curves at the two ends. Other than that, I hope that, although not precise, it looks the part. Btw, it’s 10ft by 6ft. the reason I chose this location was because of my interest in the south eastern and its locos and secondly the west London line extension and south London line that ran through this station. This gave me an excuse to run 8fs and even possibly 9fs on freight workings. i have also made a start on scratchbuilding the ferry vans for the line, and am half way through an Italian one and in the process of the British 20ton ones. hope that that’s interesting and please feel free to comment or point out anywhere where I have gone wrong. thanks Scan from 2020-12-17 11_22_15 AM.pdf
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