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  1. Just caught up with this sad news; we have lost a lovely guy. I met Bob when I joined the Missenden group shortly after taking up the hobby. His friendly, welcoming and helpful attitude towards a beginner confirmed I had chosen a worthwhile interest. An enforced break of six years whilst switching to a 12"/ft scale restoration has kept me away from the hobby until lockdown brought me back. So much has changed, so many past chums and their skills are lost to us in such a short time. Nick Platt
  2. Coming back to the 'sport' after a 10 year break and I find I have a copy of the Swindon diagram for the conversion of this wagon from BG. It is numbered 9862w and dated 2/4/92. Diagram 9861w is for the conversion from BG of West of England China Clay Co's 4-plank openand is dated 30/12/93. Both copies were obatained from the NRM in 2009 so most likely are still available.
  3. Sorry, I've just found this post albeit 7 years too late to help! I do have a copy of a diagram for a conversion from BG of a West of England China Clay Co covered china clay wagon dated 2/4/92 (1892) numbered 9862w. The wagon has 3 x 10.5" planks, side doors and hinged covers in the style of salt or lime wagons. I also have diag 9861w dated 30/30/92 for the conversion of a 4-plank open of the same company. Both of the above were obtained from NRM York in 2009. They came with a diagram from GWR Swindon dated 17/12/86 for BG No 3 Cornwall Railway Brake Van which was 6 wheeled.
  4. I must confess to being the errant GO of the China Clay Branchlines site on Yahoo Groups. Life changed when I started the restoration of a medieval house in France and my modelling went on hold in preference to 12"/ft scale timber frame repairs. I must publicly thank Collin for his massive efforts to keep the site going in my absence. Throughout the final years I found the Group increasingly difficult to use and many errors crept ino the system with photograph and file access proving especially difficult. Initially I put it down to my lack of IT abilities but so many others suffered the same and in the end I went back to 'real' building. The closure of the site is a big loss to those of us with an interest in china clay modelling. Lockdown has brought me back to 4mm/ft and I'm delighted to find this thread on RMW. Thanks again Collin for your amazing contribution to CCB and your perseverance.
  5. I've seen photos of wagons of TJ Sharp &Co, Federated Coal & Shipping Co Ltd (Cardiff), Par Harbour, Candy & Co Ltd, Cambrian Rly, LNWR as well as GWR and the clay company 7 plankers carrying coal. North Cornwall CCL, ECC, Hannan Samuel & Co; Hall & Co and the agents Toyne Carter Ltd almost certainly carried coal from local ports to the Linhays in the early days as well as clay to Par and Fowey harbours. These are just a few of many, the problem is finding photos of them!!
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