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  1. Further thoughts on the justification for the two branches: Trains could use this station to reverse (plenty of prototypes for that) and due to geographical constraints the junction is within the station limits. Due to asymmetrical demand, trains from one branch also terminate at the station before returning on their original route. This could be the push/pull train. As it is a seaside terminus, the busier summer holiday traffic justifies the two platform faces. This would require a re-drawing of my sketch so that the connection between the two branches is flipped; the secondary line having access to the primary platforms rather than the other way around. Any thoughts?
  2. I am planning to use code 100 Peco because I already have a bit in the cupboard and because older models with deeper flanges can cope with it. I would have to buy the three-way points however as I have never owned any. The drawing is not to scale but the locations of points left to right are in their scale positions. You are correct however and I will do a proper scale drawing later. The tracks will not end up completely parallel; I was just testing the ideas. A likely outcome is probably the primary branch diverging towards the top right of my sketch and the secondary branch diverging bottom right.
  3. Thank you all for your continued ideas. I have added Nearholmer's suggestion of a second three-way point to create a short siding. Does anybody have experience of how well terriers - with their tiny wheelbases cope over three-way points. Here is the amended sketch. Not to scale. I should re-draw it so the s-bends aren't quite so sharp...
  4. I hesitate to ask this question of a group of proficient kit builders, but... Given the lack of RTR bogie coaches short enough to use on an island layout, has anyone considered cutting a couple of compartments out of the middle of a Bachmann SECR Birdcage? With modifications to the underframe and a couple of pieces of plastic for strengthening, I believe the two halves could be put back together quite convincingly. I ask this heretical question because I do not trust my ability to apply the livery to a kit! Has anybody tried something similar?
  5. Yes, and it is tempting! I am just struggling to shake this image of a terrier and some three-wheelers sitting in the bay while an 02 comes and goes with its own short train... You have put your finger on the key problem with my whole project: I want to model somewhere that is clearly very quiet and has limited services but I also want more than one train on the layout at the same time. I admit my hypocrisy.
  6. Nearholmer, I was wondering about my justification for the two branches. The primary one comes from a suburban centre where it itself is a branch off the main line. The secondary branch potters along the coast. Maybe one side of my baseboard could be a beach...
  7. Here is a sketch that I started, showing the features I have (more or less) decided on. Blank area in the middle is where I need to fathom out how to join up the dots! Key: 1) more than ample room for a large tank engine to release itself via the crossover. 2) Locomotive spur 3) room (plus clearance) for five six-wheelers between the crossovers 4) room for a terrier and three four-wheelers in the bay platform 5 &6) primary and secondary lines disappear off scene. What I have drawn so far measures up and fits. If I go with this configuration, a three-way point at the right crossover might suffice to join the dots in conjunction with a Y-point. If I am wildly mistaken then please let me know!
  8. Do I spy a sector plate? Does anyone produce one in 00 gauge? Yes, I have been mulling over the connection between the primary and secondary lines. My instinct is to keep the branch separate with a connecting cord rather than requiring the branch trains to use the primary line to exit the station.
  9. Thank you very much for putting the time and thought into doing that. I have sketched something quite similar myself (pencil and paper method!) The differences to your design were a) no goods siding or loco shed b) the crossover slightly closer to the buffers c) the loop completes on scene with just enough room for the loco to complete the run around on the baseboard d) because of c I am struggling to work out how to fit the connection to the smaller branch! A double slip or a three-way point (depending on whether the crossover is facing or trailing) should just allow it all to fit...
  10. I have already thought of this! In fact I did a few sketches before realising that the temptation to have trains running through the station would be too great and I would end up with a railway empire by accident. I do see the appeal: tender locos and mainline bogie coaches could make a static appearance. In the end, I want to deliberately restrict myself to parochial operations.
  11. Thank you Nearholmer. Yes, I had thought of that, I think my layout will take inspiration from all of the places mentioned. Hopefully an observer will take a look at the stock and small simple station and realise that they are looking at a Solent area layout! The secondary branch (no mainline here) is not absolutely essential but I would really like to fit it in; a push/pull train could come and go without interfering with the main station business. I don't necessarily want coal traffic; it is more that coal would be the limit of any goods traffic.
  12. Thank you John. That is certainly interesting. Still a slightly more developed area than I was envisaging but definitely food for thought. I definitely want the "destination" end terminus rather than the suburban one. Think Lee-on-Solent or a smaller version of Ventnor or one of the other island terminii. No fiddle yard on the main board Harlequin; the idea is that a second module can be attached (not to be constructed in a hurry) which will provide somewhere for trains to go. Does anybody know of any examples of stations shared between two lines with no connection? Even Bodmin and Smallbrook have a physical connection if memory serves.
  13. These really cannot come soon enough! Has anyone heard any updates on how the project is progressing or how it may have been affected by the pandemic?
  14. Thank you both. I have never heard of Mutton layouts but will do some research. I will upload a picture later but I have already attached the door to a timber wallpaper table, thus providing folding legs! This also provides a little protection for wiring protruding below the board. It is potentially a lot of trackwork which is slightly contrary to the feel I was aiming for. I have toyed with the idea of the secondary branch being completely stand-alone with no direct connection; this could produce a lovely visual effect (wedge-shaped platform perhaps) but would (I fear) be completely unbelievable to the observer. This is supposed to be a rural operation, antiquated even in its heyday (such was true of the railways of South Hampshire) so I am not looking to fill the space with track, have any industrial scene or mainline features like station pilots or similar. Why the door? I decided in a fit of lockdown frustration to get on and remove the nasty flat white doors which some tasteless previous owner had fitted and replace them with proper solid panelled ones. The upshot was a pile of flat doors and the tip is still closed...
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