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  1. the Bachmann class 121 is a train i have wanted since its release and finally got hold of one, wow it does not disappoint, sill got to add all the pipe work but i will leave that for a later date.
  2. as you can see from the pictures we still have a long way to go, but the track work is all completed, wiring is done, and all tested and working great, as of yet I'm only dc operation.
  3. one costly mistake, made over the weekend was buy the wrong ballast size, as soon as I started adding it to the track I knew something was wrong, so that had to all be taken up and some fine ballast on order so hopefully that will sort the problem out, after a tidy I took some more pictures.
  4. well i have made a little more progress and purchased a Bachmann class 121, I'm now beginning to think about ballasting.
  5. hi guys so progress on Langold has been slow but I have finally managed to get some time, I have modified the track plan to incorporate a run around loop and added a siding off that, this is due to the fact that I was limiting myself to dmu and now decided adding one will be better. I'm hoping within the next four weeks I'm onto scenery and I will add the back board. currently the railway is being tested and track is being added, the baseboard join is causing a little headache but I have a plan and hopefully it will work. hopefully ill be completed by end of December but we shall see.
  6. Finally some more progress, rails cut and wired properly, got a few card buildings to add, still not happy with the station so I think that will be getting rebuilt soon
  7. Langold branchline End to end Era: 1960s Size: 6ft x 2ft Trains: AC rail bus and other first gen DMUs (at a later date). The idea was to build a super simple track plan on a small baseboard, make it super portable and very detailed, eventually it will be complete with working lighted semaphores, and possibly motor operated points. I'm inspired by Little Muddle and the GWR branch lines of the 50s and 60s as that's the sort of rural look I'm going for, but much smaller. As i live in Retford I'm inspired buy the Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire landscapes these can be very flat, but are stunningly beautiful. The Track plan has no run around loop and this is due to the fact they wont be needed for DMU and rail bus operation. Currently I have a very long way to go, but I will keep you all updated on the progress and hope to finish around Christmas 2021. This model railway will be built to be moved around easily and the base boards are in two sections currently.
  8. that's perfect it shows alot of detail thank you for that, was exactly what i was looking for, just hope someone has some more of the interior and maybe old colour pictures of the units.
  9. hi guys currently just ordered a Heljan AC railbus, i love them and found some great information on the rail car website, however id like to find some detailed close ups of the interior, controls, engine etc and have found nothing, i'm sure someone on here would know of someone who did manage to take detailed photos of these units?
  10. ill remember that for next time, i thought they were great pictures so just had to share, i think my inspiration for my railway is completed. LOL
  11. thanks guys, so there is no real right or wrong and i should go with what i feel is right, the one i'm building will be the terminus station , i have found a great website for 1960s rural railway pictures called fairford, it was a 22 mile branch line, that has sadly gone but plenty of inspiration. thank you for the warm welcome too
  12. just a quick question as i'm not fully clued up lol, are the branch lines always single track? from some pictures i have seen most seem to be single, but this is not always the case? and the station i'm building is a small country station, can i get away with single line and a run round loop?
  13. yes my idea is sort of based on bleak house road, but as a smaller size, still in 00 though. i plan to have a fiddle yard at a later date, but the scenic section will stay as 6 x 2 i have a layout now planned ill put the picture up later tonight, thanks for that
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