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  1. My 6 arrived this morning. Superb. Many thanks to all involved in producing these.
  2. My February copy arrived this morning approx 10 days late. The address was hand-written on PECO headed paper. All in a cellophane wrapper. Appears that PECO must have had a problem somewhere with labels/distribution etc. My January copy never arrived.
  3. Shark & Mermaid availability is now listed as Jan/Feb on the Bachmann website.
  4. My January copy never arrived. Still waiting for February copy. I did view the January copy online but it's not the same as browsing a physical magazine. Since they reverted to paper wrappers (following the short interlude of the compostable version) most issues have been delivered in a torn/battered state.
  5. Some candidates based on previous models. Updated V2 and/or Crab. Updated Class 25. Loco drive Jubilee/Scot/Black 5. Wishlist - Class 28 and Unrebuilt Patriot.
  6. Excellent suggestion, thank you. Have purchased the last 2 tins of Humbrol 73 from our local Hobbycraft. Will try these out during the forthcoming lockdown.
  7. I am planning to paint some buildings in BR Maroon & Cream. Looking at the Humbrol paint Chart they don't have BR Maroon in the list of Rail Paints although they do have BR Cream (RC424). Can anyone advise if any other Humbrol Paint is a close match? David
  8. More pictures here, notably on pages 2 & 3... https://www.railwayarchive.org.uk/archive-search?query=whetstone And here... http://www.vintagecalculators.com/gcrleicester/html/trip_to_nottingham_-_rugby.html I grew up on the farm many of whose fields disappeared under the M1 between this overbridge and the river Soar. Lots of lorries etc and muddy roads. I spent many hours trainspotting by the Warwick Road Bridge. There are pictures in several books as already noted. David PS. I'm currently constructing an N Gauge layout of Ashby Magna.
  9. Perhaps if Hattons & Bachmann can kiss & make up then Bachmann could offer the Hattons Garratt as part of the EFE range as this range appears to comprise largely of third-party products.
  10. Once arrived I hope that it might generate renewed interest in a potential N Gauge version.
  11. It's also in the Hattons ad in the current issue of Railway Modeller. Fingers crossed.
  12. They are now offering a further opportunity for an N Gauge Model. Expressions of interest here... https://krmodels.co.uk/collections/n-gauge/products/gt3-n-gauge
  13. Now due September, was previously July, according to the Bachmann website. I'll be happy to wait until September given the current problems.
  14. Don't know if this has already been mentioned but the Wikipedia entry for GT3 contains the following phrase... "and was painted in a lined Beech Leaf Brown Livery, earning it the nickname "The Chocolate Zephyr" amongst railway enthusiasts. Underframes, grilles and the front access and cab doors were painted Brunswick Green with lettering and lining in Orange." I did actually see it running on several ocassions but as a young trainspotter I didn't pay a lot of attention to the livery. Still hoping for an N Gauge version one day.
  15. I really hope that the Garratt goes ahead. I also think that it will sell well but I doubt that many people will pre-order (I have). Let's hope that Hattons are bold enough to continue with the project.
  16. I just signed up but there was no option to indicate the fact that I would be interested in quantity 2.
  17. Top of the list has to be a Class 28. D5705 is currently being restored at the ELR, not far from Hattons. Heljan have already done the OO version. I'm sure that Farish will offer updated Peaks & eventually the Crab. Others include...Unrebuilt Patriot, LNER 2-8-0, BR Standard 75xxx, G2 (although the Union Mills version is pretty good), LMS 4-4-0/Compound.
  18. Availability is now showing in the ETA Column... https://www.Bachmann.co.uk/category/model-railway/graham-farish The 8Fs are listed as July-20 but I expect that everything will slip due to the Coronavirus.
  19. Nothing for me in this lot. I guess that the 8F will be in the next quarter.
  20. Well it's still available for pre-order on the Hattons website. I'll be really disappointed if it doesn't go ahead. An update from Hattons would be appreciated.
  21. Chicken & egg issue here I think. I don't think that the N Gauge market is as poor as suggested. I'm sure that there are many modellers like myself who are frustrated at the lack of products available to purchase. All my recent loco purchases have been second hand. Farish do not currently offer any Peaks (Class 44,45,46), Black 5, Jubilee or Scot. I would purchase at least 1 of all 6. Will order an 8F when available. I'll be dissapointed if the Hattons Garratt gets canned. I made an EOI for the KRM GT3. I hope that Dapol re-issue the 9F, ideally with a new mechanism. I recently renewed by Bachmann Collectors Club Membership but if there are no new Farish loco announcements in the next 12 months then I won't do so again.
  22. According to the latest Bachmann Collectors Club Newsletter the Roadshows are in early February & Collectors Club Members can attend if they wish.
  23. Put in my EOI for the N Gauge version. Disappointed that the N Gauge GT3 is no longer going ahead so I don't imagine there will be enough support for the N Gauge Fell. Shame as both are spot on for my modelling location/era.
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