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  1. Tha's reet there lad. I were born in a pit village ( there were still mines then ) in the West Riding, grew up in Liverpool, but spent all my summer holidays as a youngster there. I left England in 1968 - not related to the end of steam- and my model was an old bloke's bit of nostalgia. I knew nowt much about railways when I started it, so it's not particularly specific, just a run down freight shed on the edge of a mill town somewhere, maybe an ex LMS branch line?
  2. Up to now I've hesitated to show my modelling attempts here. Although growing up in the steam era, I had little interest in railways until, living in Botswana in the '80s, I found that our nearest shopping centre, Mafeking, had a loco shed still 100% steam. The smells and sounds revived memories, and I started my modelling. An excercise in nostalgia really. Rather ancient now, survived two house moves, now in South Africa. Mostly pre internet, no model shops within reach. Here's some of my son's photos.
  3. Apologies for taking so long to reply to this posting, but unfortunately I don't have a camera at present! Now my son is back from holiday he has taken a few shots for me on his cellphone, showing some home made wire trees on my model. Most are still in winter garb, as I'm out of suitable scenic stuff, and living in Africa, model shops are a bit thin on the ground. The photos are a bit cruel, but my object is to show that making trees isn't too difficult, given time, patience, and a few beers. Why not have a bash?
  4. The range of available vehicles from Oxford and Pocketbond has mushroomed incredibly over the last few years, with 3-wheelers and even a motorbike now on the stocks. But there seems to be one rather strange omission, the humble Austin Seven, surely one of the commonest cars on the road during the '30s, '40s and even into the '50s, if I recollect aright. The only one available "off the peg" as far as I know (in HO) is a delightful BMW Dixi produced, I think, by Schuco, at a price a bit beyond my pocket. Also LH drive, of course! Another omission I find strange is a 00 steam lorry, given the number still available in odd scales by Matchbox, Lledo Days Gone By, and Corgi. Again, I suppose it is a touch of nostalgia with me, as I remember seeing them as a youngster in Liverpool, I suppose in the early '50s. Not sure what or whose they were, Sentinels I suppose, but I remember they made quite a clatter, as though chain driven, though I'm no expert. I had a pal at the time who decided that, rather than going train spotting like a normal kid, he wanted to collect BRS lorry numbers, so I remember what seem to have been hours of boredom at the junction of Prescot Road and Queens Drive, which is the spot I saw the steam wagons passing, I think fairly frequently, as they didn't arouse much comment. It might be interesting to hear if anyone else has any recollections of this sort. Unfortunately, perhaps, I no longer live in the UK.
  5. To all who said it's a bang plate, my most profound apologies. It is! I've come across a photo of the class 4 preserved on the KWVR and there it is, large as life, complete with angles down either side bolted to the front of the buffer beam, and with the RH top corner angled in. Never seen one like it before, seems as though Hornby may have based their model on this one? All those I've noted have been simple flat plates with the bottom corners radiused. Having said all that, what a pity I can't use it, it's such a nice moulding.
  6. Many thanks everybody for your replies. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to get on the computer for some days. As I model early BR, a bang plate isn't required. I doubt if that is what this item is though, with its angle iron edging down either side, complete with rivets, and a splay on one corner only. Wish I could put a photo on,but no camera, unless my son can be persuaded to do it! Its a relief to hear that I'm not the only one with too many thumbs when it comes to fitting things wot is small!
  7. I have just bought Hornby's Standard Class 4, and what an incredibly detailed model it is! I've now added the add-on bits, pipework, cylinder drain cocks, brake rodding, and the lovely "properly' articulated screw coupling,but one item puzzles me. To try and describe it, there is a plate about 8mm x 5mm, with an angle iron down either longer side and projecting about 4mm beyond the end of the plate. One corner is splayed. It has no fixing lugs or holes. Can anyone tell me what it is or where it goes? It isn't shown on the instruction sheet. One minor gripe (I have to have one,being a pensioner). Why oh why do Hornby insist on providing plastic sandpipes, very brittle plastic too, unlike Bachmann with their wire ones? With my shakey fingers, I have of course managed to break one when fitting the brake rodding. I will replace it with wire.
  8. pete23

    3MT Tank

    It has been nice to see both Bachmann and Hornby including the lifting rings on the front frame extensions with their latest models. They appear on both my Bachmann Ivatt class 4 and class 2. I was rather surprised, therefore, to find that they seem to be omitted on both their standard class 4 and the 3MT tank, particularly with the high level of detail on the latter, including internal smokebox detail. Hornby, by contrast,appear to have included them on their class 4. Am I mistaken, as I have only the photos I can find on the internet to go by. Living in Africa, there is no chance to handle the actual models. Can any kind soul out there enlighten me?
  9. I recently acquired Hornby's latest model of the Fowler tank loco. A very nice model indeed, with finely detailed valve gear, just two gripes. 1) Cab sides must be around a scale foot thick ( OK, maybe 9 inches ). Would have thought they could have reduced it a little on the visible portion. 2) No brake standards. Surprised at this,Dapol were including them in their tank locos in the '80's, and I have in front of me a Railway Modeller article from 1985 on detailing the earlier Hornby model which includes these as very visible items. So, the obvious query, is there anyone who supplies these as detailing parts? My 70 year old eyes are no longer up to making these myself, and living in Africa, I am far from any model shops.
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