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  1. The track plan is the same as Idea B Just with a single slip from platform 1 across to the yard and then no platform 3 just a fence or something across the back of the platform
  2. I’d personally go for B but have platform 3 taken out and have fencing there and use that for a freight passing loop, then have a diamond crossing from platform 1 across and use the bi-directional line as a freight loop/ yard, Just a thought but obviously it’s completely up to you.
  3. Andy I can’t believe my eyes having a quick browse through fleebay and came across a rather familiar looking 150 . Are we back to no passenger stock once that has gone is or have you got something in the works.
  4. Has got to be something passenger related surely GWR 158?????
  5. Went there for the first time ever yesterday aswell and I was completely blown away. One of the best preserved railways I’ve been to and seeing Awdry’s study and layouts was something very special indeed
  6. I think if the short ones are sold and they are labelled saying they are not the correct size I don’t see the problem with them.
  7. I saw the question asked but I don’t think it was answered. Do we know what will be happening to the shorter wagons which were first released if the will be put back on sale. thanks
  8. I’ve just had a look but can’t see anything, has a date been set for when preordering will start. thanks
  9. Just had a quick look through the last couple of pages and can’t see anything mention this so I thought I would, just went onto the footplate website and it seems they’ve removed all the salmon wagons from the website.
  10. Do we have an estimated date of when the pre-orders will open as I’m impatiently waiting. I just need to choose what livery but it’ll definitely be sound. keep up the good work it’s looking good
  11. Ordered colas rail 66848 after getting the email about the limited stock, completely out of my era but at that price I just wanted to try one. I’m now thinking of buying some PCA wagons and doing a micro layout of aberthaw cement works
  12. Hi all hoping someone could help I’ve been trying to get hold of the kernow class 37/9 twin pack from Bachmann and I was just wondering if anyone on hear was willing to sell there’s. thanks in advance. jack
  13. Thanks rich, do you recommend a better speaker to go with it or are the standard ones alright.
  14. I was just wondering, does the 8 pin to 21 pin adapter fit straight under the body with the TTS chip fitted or do you need to modify the inside of the body. Thanks
  15. Had the weekly newsletter from KMRC and the featured bargain was limited edition Bachmann class 47 47973 and the Heljan dogfish for £164.99 not bad when the dogfish wagons on there own are £99.99 http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/68801/K9968-Midland-Counties-Ballast-Pack
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