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  1. Hi all hoping someone could help I’ve been trying to get hold of the kernow class 37/9 twin pack from Bachmann and I was just wondering if anyone on hear was willing to sell there’s. thanks in advance. jack
  2. Thanks rich, do you recommend a better speaker to go with it or are the standard ones alright.
  3. I was just wondering, does the 8 pin to 21 pin adapter fit straight under the body with the TTS chip fitted or do you need to modify the inside of the body. Thanks
  4. Had the weekly newsletter from KMRC and the featured bargain was limited edition Bachmann class 47 47973 and the Heljan dogfish for £164.99 not bad when the dogfish wagons on there own are £99.99 http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/p/68801/K9968-Midland-Counties-Ballast-Pack
  5. Hi all this will be my first post on rmweb so please go easy on me. I’m looking at building a layout based on South Wales in 1990, would the grey and orange run in the same train as the blue and orange or would they have all been the same livery. I’m sorry if this has already been asked but when I had a quick look through I couldn’t see anything thanks
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