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  1. Thanks for your reply, very interesting, so was the livery ever used in actual service?
  2. I cannot find any information about this livery anywhere, does someone have some knowledge they could share about this strange yet quite attractive livery.
  3. thanks woodenhead, seen you about before, appreciate your clarity and help
  4. people are starting to divert from the question here, is it secure, in other words, did you ever get money stolen or cards stolen or whatever. no other criticisms
  5. This is my worry, giving bank details to a real person over the phone or over an email seems weird, has anyone had any past dealing with them? Disregarding delivery time customer service and what not, did you feel it was secure and trustworthy?
  6. yeah with GDPR companies are supposed to release breach information to the public, so should be fairly good as long as they comply with GDPR. but yeah, having your bank details stored on a database like that seems odd
  7. dunno whether i am just not understanding something, but i havent seen anyone mentioning the way Olivia's Trains does online orders, over email/over the phone etc. is this even secure? or am i being dumb somehow. i know opinions of this shop are mixed, and people could argue for cenuries about whether they are good or not, im not asking for that though, im asking for clarification as to how their system works, and whether it is secure, no other olivias trains criticisms please.
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