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  1. 'Paybury' was moved from its usual location to inside where it was warm yesterday, this gave the opportunity to operate the layout which after a good clean of the track have no performance issues. The layout is DCC to allow for multiple locos to operate on the same small section at once, just because it is the end of a branch line doesn't mean you can't get three or four locos on there all at once! Class 22 waits to carry on shunting. Drummond 700 in the process of shunting, it'd just moved from the loco shed. 700, Class 22 and a B4 all engaged in shunti
  2. Thanks for the previous kind words, I hadn't really a lot of free time in December as I was dealing with 1:1 scale steam trains and their Santa services, curtailed early for reasons we've all become far too familiar with... 'Paybury' is more or less finished other than some minor detailing work and a replacement level crossing gate, which I have and just need to get around to installing. The layout will then move to 'bolt on' to the end of the other Southern Region layout I have although will remain portable should it ever go on a visit elsewhere. The fiddle yard will just be store
  3. You might be able to make it out although it is difficult to catch on camera, I've added some wires to the telegraph poles and cut off some of the insulators. It more than likely isn't accurate but then this isn't a real place and it's my own project so if I'm happy then it'll do. There is more to do on this front with wires going over to the station and signal box plus a pole or two thrown in for good measure. It adds a bit of height to the layout I think. After this job is complete it is then to rebuild the level crossing which will happen later this week. It is othe
  4. Another weekend with some spare time to do some further modelling on 'Paybury', this time it was adding more detail to the scenery and ensuring it all still worked. Descriptions with the pictures. Beattie Well Tank ventured out as part of the testing, I use this as if it works everything else will! No issues other than a couple of solder joints had gone high resistance and a wire had come off the underside of the board but all resolved within about 15 mins and working again. Station area overview, I've added a lot more scatter to the green areas behind
  5. Thank you for the kind words, it is appreciated! A minor alteration this afternoon, the new Scenecraft Provender Store was just the right size for a building to sit out the front of the station, it arrived earlier today so a bed of hanging basket liner was laid for it to sit on, a bit of static grass stuck on top followed later on by some flock. A rather nice model that fills a gap perfectly.
  6. This weekends little projects on 'Paybury' were to add further detailing in the form of more static grass, flock, a bit of polyfibre and finally finish off the tunnel mouth leading into Paybury Tunnel. In the land of fiction it is 589yds long and drops down on 1 in 60 away from 'Paybury'. Tunnel mouth, I didn't take any photos of the build up to this as it sort of just happened. Now with the pub back on. The build up to it is made up of hanging basket liner, static grass, poly fibre, static grass then flock on top. The flock I have spread about over the goods shed to repr
  7. Little update, this time it's a replacement back scene. Since mentioning it the join between the clouds was really bothering me so on Tuesday evening after the last update here I set to work hunting for an image using Adobe Stock, I have a license to download imagery from there and not being a photographer or having a clue how to even get the right shot that seemed the best way to go about it. Several images were downloaded, tried and tested on Adobe InDesign and Photoshop where I'd created a template of 2750mm by 400mm which is a bit over length of the physical back scene by arou
  8. Some more progress this evening and some photos of a short branch line train, worked on the odd occasion by a redundant Drummond 700 that somehow made its way to the local steam shed. Fiddle Yard, nothing spectacular but enough for short trains to be picked up and mixed around or a short rake of wagons. It has been wired up so that it can be extended in the future if needed. Looking the other way you can see the China Clay and Cornish test layout behind. An O2 and the 700 at rest in the station. Close up of the 700. Looking down 'Paybury' platf
  9. Thanks for your kind words. Not a lot to update on other than the Platform Starter now works, I've (finally) started building a fiddle yard to go on the end and a brake van charter rocked up. The fiddle yard is nothing spectacular, just a 3ft by 18", 4 roads. It is rather short but the great hand from the sky comes down to fiddle around and the most I'll be running in terms of train length is 2 or 3 coaches. Platform Starter now pulled off. The loading gauge on the left has since been hidden under static grass. The pot of PVA on the right there for that purpose.
  10. A bit of an update, this evening I finished all of the lighting on 'Paybury' and located a new goods yard crane, loading gauge and phone box. Some additional wire fencing has gone into place to break the layout up a little bit more. Looking from the pub across the station entrance. Behind the platform back in the 1930s there was a one coach bay platform and the goods siding was a lot shorter, since the line was truncated back to here in 1932 the bay line was removed as the station became a terminus. Looking at the little goods shed and 'Paybury' Signal Box. The water tower is
  11. So for something to do as an escape from running a heritage railway I started building a new OO gauge layout that I've given the name 'Paybury'. The layout is built on a 6ft by 1.5ft base board and uses Peco's bullhead track for points and DCC Concepts bullhead rail for the plain line. It is a DCC layout and uses DCC Concepts Cobolt Digital IP Point Motor, all run using an NCE Power Cab The location of 'Paybury'' itself isn't specific but it is based on a Southern Region branch line (that sometimes see's Rocket or something GWR appear) that used to continue on to another location a
  12. Some pics I took the other day of the whole model layout, quite big and still bits of extra detailing to do. Station and Goods Yard, the lights are DCC concepts mainly, the buildings are Scenecraft. Goods Yard was DAS clay with bricks scribed in then painted individually. I've no idea why I thought it was a good idea but the outcome is rather nice. Bit more station with the Drummond 700 and LWSR coaches. Signal Box/end of station area, need to add the platform ramp. The platform is just a piece of wood I found that was then given DAS clay edges t
  13. So this post is slightly away from Cornwall and a bit on another part of the layout that was driving me mad, the rest of it all works but various issues kept occurring with some of my stock on the station approach/round by the Brewery so out came the lot and a lot of easing to the curves and lessening of point work. The area by the double slip to the bottom of the photos goes to the China Clay bit on the middle line, the far left line is the 'mainline' and the right hand line goes around to two goods sidings in the station area and eventually an single road engine shed under the c
  14. Thanks for the kind words. I'll take some better pics of the river scene, its not quite finished and is at the moment my least favourite part! In essence though, all it consists of is an extra bit of lowered down baseboard with some sides added that are made out of cardboard slots, newspaper and covered with plaster cloth to give an embankment impression. The river bed and sides was then sprayed with 'camouflage brown' spray paint from a local bike shop, and sand then put over the top to form the riverbed, this was just stuck down with PVA then the excess brushed off after a good
  15. I finally got around to adding an embankment behind the 'mainline' and in the corner. The corner I was in two minds as to what to do with so wanting it to have an element of Cornwall I opted for the disused Engine House on a hill approach, probably nowhere near how it'd look in real life but again I quite like it and it finishes off an area that I was initially at a loss as to what to do with. The disused Engine House building is the Scenecraft one that Kernow have had produced, a great model. The backboards are painted with a 'Sky Blue' paint mix I had made up using a snapshot of
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