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  1. Hi Guys Well, its been a protracted saga but with all your help, assistance and a couple of new chips, I now have two working locos. Many, many thanks to you all for your patience with a dumbo but we got there in the end. Regards Dave.
  2. Hi John Thanks for your input, shows how much I know about electronics and PCBs, I had not realised they were double-sided. That’s the confusion, I have soldered the black to J2, not a very good blob of solder granted, I assumed J1 and J2 were connected. So my PCB is wired correctly according to your additions, would my poor joint have any effect? If not then I'm no further forward. Dave
  3. Hi Grriff Thanks for the further advice, I do have some progress to report. After double-checking as you suggested, there is no connection between either rail and the body of the motor, confirmed by meter, the connection between each rail and the appropriate colour on the diagram also seems to be correct. I did, however, find the black wire had come away from the chip, now resoldered and I now have lights but still no movement, however with the loco on a rolling road and connecting power directly to the bushes it runs, this applies to both locos but neither will run on the track. One possible thing, I looked for a vacant terminal on the chip for the black, under my eyeglass (used to be a watchmaker) I could see a pretty obvious place it could have come from, a duel connection with the mauve, which in this loco is a spare wire anyway. See photos as large as I could get them of both sides of the chip of the HST. No idea why the DMU will not run as I have only stripped, cleaned and re-oiled the motor. Sorry if I appear a right numpty but I'm new to DCC and only have a very basic knowledge of electronics, this has got me scratching my head. Hope this makes some sense to you because I am baffled. Dave Thanks Broms Mods for your links to the HST, I will keep these for future reference.
  4. Hi Guys Bee problem sorted, I'm back but no further forward, I’ve now got two locos not working. With lots of help from you guys, I've checked all the wiring, readjusted where necessary, confirmed my service track has power by running an old DC class 40. The class 43 HST with lights: now has no lights at all and will not run even on DC on service track. The single-car DMU (class 107?) also no longer running even on ST on DC. All attempts to change CV 8 or any of the others on either of these locos results in error code 11 or 12 using my Dynamis. Before I lose any more of the little hair I've still got I'm going to bite the bullet and get some more chips and start again. Thanks to you all for all your efforts and suggestions, I hate giving up but if I don’t, something is going swimming ( we have a pond below the Velux windows in the roof.) Thanks again Guys Dave
  5. Hi Guys Having to put this topic on hold for a while, we seem to have a bee problem up in the train room, experts have been called in; will report back when sorted.
  6. You guys are just fantastic, the support is well received, thank you so much, all of you. Just off to bed now but will look in more detail to the replies from Dungrange and Jim Fin in the morning and reply to you both. Thanks again David
  7. Hi Jim Thanks for staying with me on this. Sorry its a bit difficult to explain but I'll try. Loco on the service track, connected to my old Bachmann EZ controller. Running through 1-9 (10 being for non-DC as I'm sure you know). Loco will not respond? Think I'm resolved to replace the chip when finances allow.
  8. Hi Andyman Thanks, ill have a look in the morning, your saying no connection necessary from track contacts on the motor boggy, silly question, where does the circuit go to ground?
  9. Hi Half Full Thats what I thought, thanks
  10. Hi Guys. John, Grriff and Jim I'm back for some more help. I've rewired the loco as per your collective advice, the situation is as now: No more flashing lights but nothing else either. Loco does not respond to any channel 1 through 9. Does this mean I have cooked the chip and will have to replace it, I'm beginning to think this might be the easiest way. Sorry to be such a dumbo, I've checked all the connections all the way back to pick-ups and rails, I'm lost for anything else to do. Any further advise, suggestions gratefully received.
  11. Hi John Wow, now even more confused, I take what you guys aresaying and will have a rewire but cant understand how it worked Ok including the lights when I got it home. Thanks anyway, ill post the final result.
  12. Hi Grriff Thanks for your reply, now I'm totally confused as the loco did run when I first got it home, I have not changed any wiring. As I said, with the (ground) in place the lights flash, take it off and nothing at all. Thanks for the wiring diagram though, ill get up to the workshop tomorrow and have a go at a rewire. Thanks again David
  13. Hi Jim Thanks for getting back, as requested, some more info and if I can three photos. With the cab on the right. The left-hand brush wire to Yellow on the chip The right-hand brush to black on the chip The black (common) to Grey on the chip Th The front pick up to red on the chip. Any help?
  14. Hi Guys Newby to DCC. purchased a S/H Hornby class 43, no paperwork so no ID of the chip. Ran when first tried though very sluggish and erratic, lights worked. Decided to give it a service, removed the motor and stripped it down, cleaning the commutator, brushes and motor housing, wheels and pick-ups, which were filthy. Re-assembled and oiled as suggested, placed on the track, both main and service, lights now flash red and white and no response to any other commands. Did notice when dismantling that there were three wires, two brown to the brushes and one black (presumably ground). On assembly there is no visible contact point for the black, I securely wedged it to the metal of the motor housing. Take that black wire off and the lights go out. I'm using a Dynamis Ultima and have tried to read CV 8 to get the manufacturer but all I get is either code 11 or 12 which apparently are error codes showing the unit is unable to read the chip. Have trolled through uTube without much luck. Have I cooked the chip? Should there be a specific location for the black (ground)? Does anyone have any ideas on a remedy? I have a close-up photo of the motor and the black wire if any help. Thanks in advance. David.
  15. Hi Jim, thanks again for coming back to me, I rechecked all the pickups and connections, the loco is a Lima DMU it has no other functions unlike one of the other second-hand purchases; a Hornby class 42 HST 125 but that’s another help request. Thanks again for your help, ill go up and have another go, the Dynamis instructions are not the clearest which might also be part o the problem. Dave
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