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  1. agreed, but i lived there 1964 - 1984 im aware of the names but can only remember it as dorridge, i believe somewhere in its past the station was also known as knowle
  2. This is true, but, the it doesnt show the station with all 4 platforms in tact
  3. Im building a FICTIONAL railway it is HOLBY CI+Y RAILWAY, set in the mythical Wyvern Area, as a Preservation Society / Heritage Railway right now that is out of the way..... It is to be fictional because i know what i want and its easier than trying to do a prototype, this will enable me to pinch things or places to fit my wants and needs. At the moment i have 2 signalboxes, there maybe a third later (not decided) Barmouth & Bentley Heath have been chosen, and made for me by somebody with greater skills than me. Naylors Way is to be based on the Old Rotton Park Station on the LNWR / LMS Harborne Branch, Holby Central is to be loosely based on Kidderminster (SVR), the middle station Barratt Street, i want to replicate Dorridge Station, realistically im hoping somebody somewhere has photographs of Dorridge showing the 4 platforms (Platform 4 was demolished in the 1960's) DOES ANYBODY HAVE PICTURES OF DORRIDGE STATION BEFORE PLATFORM 4 WAS DEMOLISHED PLEASE ?? [email protected]
  4. right now im sticking with WD400 but you never know, ill get back to you
  5. a little out of my price bracket im afraid, thanks anyway, i was afraid i may not find one, i remember around 15 years ago i saw one but the money wasnt available and my project was still a long way off - thanks anyway
  6. Probably on hiding to nothing, but is there anybody that is capable and willing (at a reasonable rate) to convert a Class 56 body into Class 69 for me to become the first preserved 69 (69 056), i know Bachmann are meant to be doing one sometime next year or 2023 but i want to be ahead of the pack with one built from a 56 body, can anybody help and quote a price
  7. Does anybody know where i might lay hands on a WD 2-10-0 in 00 gauge, i got the 2-8-0 but its the bigger brother i really want ?
  8. Very slightly off topic, ive acquired a WD 2-8-0 (cant find a 2-10-0 anywhere) i'm keeping the number but changing the name, do i want 2mm / 3mm or 4mm nameplates - measurements mean nothing, this is my return to model railways after a 30 year gap, i never changed anything before (not properly) im older and wiser and just need a leg up, as im planning on changing a few identities, but this is the most important one...... its going to honour a friend (well known to most in railway circles) if all goes well then i shall reveal the name once its done.
  9. What if BR built a Standard Version, or maybe if Stanier built one
  10. Thanks Guys i just got a Bachman 2mt & a 4mt plus a Hornby 2mt The Hornby 2mt is for conversion i wont say what to yet as it seems likely i will have the only one, once its displayed others may decide to copy it and thats fine, i just want the first one, i already had a Hornby 2mt (46400) and last year got another (46521) the idea behind another 46521 is a friend of mine is willing to convert that into a standard 2mt as 78034 (rumour has it the new one will be £180) Stock is very much a mixture, i have some wagons dating from late 50's early 60's some other wagons date from around 1969, coaches i have Pullmans dating from the 70's, a set of LMS coaches from the 80's and a set of LMS Suburban coaches dating from the 90's, Locos i have 3 Triang 0-4-0T from around 1969, a 101 DMU from the 60's, then the rest of my stuff varies through 70's - 90's, i have picked up a considerable amount last year (pre-owned) TBH im not sure if they are 80's 90's or 00's ALL track is brand new still boxed purchased last November, at present the line is not built, this is something that is a work in hand, the boards are stored having been taked down after i lost interest due to break in back in 1991 / 1992, but they have been stored well in temperature controlled conditions (in the house) all being well building should start at the end of March... it was another modeller that said there are flange issues with things, Peco is a make i had endless trouble with before and converted all track to Hornby, i had a Wrenn Class 20, but this i no end of trouble with, when it wanted to work, it was full power or nothing, and if it stayed on through points once there was no guarantee it would next time, and so it was sacrifcied in December and SOLD as i had no use for it, its put me off Wrenn for life everything is a mixture of Kitmaster, Airfix, Mainline, Lima, Dapol. Triang/Hornby, Triang, Hornby & Bachman - this is the current situation here at Holby City Railway, with around 60 locos in the fleet........ Thanks to all of you for helpful advice, im truly looking forward to getting back into it now in my late 50's
  11. im using Hornby track and in told there a gauge issues with Bachman locos running on Hornby track ?
  12. Does anybody currently have a Hornby Ivatt 2-6-0 for sale please, suddenly the market has virtually dried up and those that are available are silly money, must be a runner please, and reasonable price, i ran out of money before Christmas so couldnt get one then, please help if you can [email protected]
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