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  1. Another potential change of plan. But would improve upon storage for rolling stock and operation. Any thoughts/changes?
  2. Just another idea which I'm not sure if possible yet, what do you think of this? The marron looking part would be a removable bridge. It would still be operated like the prior designs but with the ability to become a continuous loop.
  3. Even if the plan was to be changed to use a less conventional design it would probably still look very similar as most branch terminus do. The is only so many ways to rearrange a station and a goods yard especially if its on a curve. If you do have any suggestions if you think it looks too typical it can still be completely changed.
  4. I don't think much space would be gained or lost by having the sidings on the top left but it would tighten the curve of the station or make it more straight. also the headshunt wouldn't be eliminated by this process. If the goods sidings where to kick back it would probably have to be from the points leading into the platform and kick back onto the middle left section where it is only currently single track.
  5. I Think the last track plan is what I will end up going for. Will probably order the track/point motors within the next few days. any other suggestions? still rather unsure on how this would be signalled or which are the best readily available signals that can be purchased so any help on that would be appreciated.
  6. as suggested here are the jpg files instead of pdf for the last 2 designs.
  7. I did originally consider something like that when I increased the layout area but unfortunately nothing permanent can go in front of that corner so may become an obstruction and for whatever reason if the bridge wasn't removed. I could see something getting damaged if somebody else was to remove it. I'm probably best keeping stationary locomotives on more permanent boards.
  8. I agree that crowding the layout any more will start to detract from the realism of the layout. I increased the siding lengths more on the newer design (pdf 7) Yes it is very much helping as your ideas have significantly changed the plan.
  9. Slight redesign of the layout making the sidings a bit bigger and increasing the radius of which trains enter the station. (siding on the top left will probably still need increasing in length 7.pdf slight alterations to points 7.2.pdf
  10. I could increase the radius of the curve a bit on the top right but to the amount I think you mean would probably take too much space as it would make the top right increasingly difficult to access. Although when looking at the slightly newer plan (pdf 7) I have increased the radius entering the station as you suggested but I don't think it can be made much larger.
  11. Definitely makes it look a little bigger. The only two problems I see with this track plan is the reduction of the fiddle yard size and the possible gradient that may be needed to reach the same height of the fiddle yard however I still need to fully sort the space before I can say if it will be a problem. I certainly don't think much more track needs to be added but the station areas track plan could be altered if the is a much better solution. On the longer strait piece of track the goods yard could be placed there or sidings but it may look better with the main focus of that section b
  12. Just as an idea what do you think something more like this. Do you think would be an overall better option? It would significantly reduce the fiddle yard to 5-6 roads that can hold a locomotive and 4-5 coaches however it significantly increases the scenic area and reduces various other issues. I know that the space isn't very well utilised on that plan listed below but couldn't use any more track on the free version of AnyRail. 6.pdf any ideas/input?
  13. I can see what you mean with the fiddle yard being entered numerous times during operation any ideas on a way to overcome this problem?
  14. Updated the design once again. I have reduced the platform length as suggested by @Nearholmer then moved the platform around a bit. On the two designs on the pdf file below I have alternated the position of the goods yard so on the lower design the main focal point would be the goods yard hopefully reducing the attention from the station and the platform length. The lower track plan also allowed the whole station to be brought slightly more to the right increasing the overall area of the town (far left). On the pdf the platform start and end is marked in yellow. 5.pdf Any
  15. The layout will be 00 gauge. I planed on running 4-5 coach trains. The platform will probably look much longer though due to the additional space required for the headshunt.
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